aug 4


FIRST THINGS FIRST!! yes i did get the pachage from sister bullock!! and i accidentally threw away her address so i was not able to write her back. Can you send that to me?

I also got the other one as well. so all is well.

It makes me so happy to hear that all is going well at home as well because all is well here. Althogh every time i say “all is well” it makes me think of the scripture that says “currsed is he who says all is well i zion” haha

Well this week was really a great week. We were once again on alot of exchanges with other missionaries. But i really love being able to work with other missionaries and see all of the miracles that happen when two people work together with a renewed faith and hope that they will see miracles together. I have been thinking alot lately about this subject because i have noticed a cylce that happens in missionaries. They arive in a new area, or with a new companion, and they are very obedient and work hard and are able to see a lot or miracles for the first 2 weeks of so. Then slowly but surely this flame dies off and the miracles become less freaquent and even in some cases they dissapear from the lives of these missionaries. So i have been asking myself the question of “what is the best way of keeping this fire and this faith even when you get used to a situation?” it is something that i think will really help everyone to know and so i want everyone who reads this letter to send me back your response to that question. Because it is something that i have notices as well in my life. it is just much harder to stay motivated to work when you are used to a situation and i have been trying something that has been helping alot but i still want your points of view. so i think that that could be an interesting thing to see. Thank you all to do that for me 🙂

We were able to see that family that we found on my first day here again this week and it was a wonderful RDV! they are not ready for baptism yet but they love our visits with them. We have been teaching them about the plan of salvation and they love it. It is really cool to see things click for people who have been wondering about this stuff for all of their lives. So thank you to pray for these people. It is veronique and her children,

Here was a cool miracle that happened just yesterday. We got done with our last lesson of the day and we had about an hour and a half left to work. So we decided that we were going to go out street contacting. So i felt prompted to go into the backstreets of the center of town which was weird becasue here in auxerre there is NO ONE on those streets after 7 just becasue there is nothing to do and there is not that many people here. But none the less, human logic never trumps the wisperings of the spirit so we went there anyways. There was no one on the streets just like we thought, but we kept walking, and then we saw a man walking on the other side of the road so we walked across and stopped him and began to speak with him and he is a man named Lionelle who is very believing and who said that he had seen out church before where he came from but he never had had the chance to speak with anyone from it. So he was thrilled to speak more with us. And the best part is the he has 6 kids who are all under the age of 11 which is exactly what we have been praying for to find. SO we were very very greatful for that answer to our prayers and as well the prayers of all of the members here.,

I love this church and i LOVE LOVE LOVE being a missionary. it is the coolest thing that i have ever done in my life and i love to be able to serve as a tool for the lord. And sadly i am already half of the way done.

I love you and wish you all a great cruise without me. I dont know who is going to be goofy and get sunburned and no tan if i am not there so good luck haha

Elder Dayley

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july 28

Saut ma belle famille et mes cheres amis:

This week was a great week but a week that was not lacking in hurdles:

I will start off by talking about all of the good things that happene. We got to go and do an exchange with the elders that are currently in meaux: (which for all of you americans is where disneyland france is) we did not however get to go in because that is against the rules in this ,mission haha and it was not p-day. so that was fun. i was with an elder who i will not give a name too who is not really enjoying his mission at all and is just looking for a reason to go home. It was kind of sad to see that becasue he was just not enjoying himself at all and was searching for joy in breaking the mission rules so it was an interesting exchange just to hear all about that. It made me very greatful for the fact that i love my mission because it did not look very fun to be in his situation. But i was blessed with compassion and understanding and so it was fun to be able to go there and see miracles in their area that in his words is a “dead area” . i think that he was cheered up a little but afterwards.

So i bet everyone is wondering how sunday went this week. It was actually probably one of the coolest expierences on my mission because as i sat up front and looked at everyone who was there (about 8 members) i couldnt help but feel a little bit like those 6 people who were there when the church was organized in 1830. I looked at all the faithful members of Auxerre and imagined one day coming back here to visit a ward. So it was a really really neat expierence.

Other than that it was an average week. We are all out of miles on the car so we were not really able to go and see our amis who live outside of walking distance. So we spent alot of time just in auxerre. Tsiry is doing very very well and as far as our other amis go i think that they are all doing well becasue there was not much contact that was made with them this week. I am really excited for Tsirys son becsue he is nine so i think that we will be able to set a baptismal date with him this week. We had the opportunity to teach him and his brother Touki this week in primary and it was so cool seeing them answer the questions that we asked them just so simple and so honestly. I loved it.

So ya i definitly learned a TON this week and am very very happy to have been able to spent it in the service of the lord.

I miss you all very much and pray for you all the time.

Avec Amour,
Elder Dayley

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July 21


Well this is a crazy new life as the district leader just becasue now i need to do exchanges with all of the elders in my district as well as with the zone leaders, which means that i need to do 7 exchanges this transfer and i only have 4 weeks to do it haha. So we have unfortunatly not been able to spend much time in our own sector. But whenever we actually we actually are here we work hard and have been seeing miracles.

This week was alot of fun. It was the baptism of Tsiry which went well. We had to drive all the way up to Troyes to do and use their font because the church here does not have one. And so that is about an hour and a half away. It was really cool to be able to be here for her baptism. I am really really excited for her and for the branch as well, They deserve it so much becasue there are not that many people here but they still take SUCH good care of our investigators. We heard that they had invited Tsiry over to their homes without us even knowing which is True integration. Becasue that means that they are not relying on us at all and so that leaves just teaching to us. It is really cool.

This week during one of the exchanges here in Auxerre i got to be with someone who was in my dirstict in the MTC, elder Lam. He is really cool and it was alot of fun talking about the MTC and we also had the opportunity to find a family who is interested in hearing more. And a young family also which is EXACTLY what this branch needs.

This week we also recieved news that neither of the 2 other priesthood holders in the branch will be here next week and so elder beck and i will be organizing, presiding, conducting, and blessing and passing the sacrement haha so that will certanly be an expierence that i have never had before. It will be cool/

As for the week that is pretty much it. It was really cool to be able to have the baptism. There was another cool thing that happened as well. So the elder in Troyes (elder watts) used to be the District leader before me. He has never had the opportunity to see any of his investigators get baptised while he has been out and he only has about 6 months left. And so the cool thing about Tsiry is that he actually found here while he was on exchanges here in auxerre and he was also here on exchanges when we fixed a baptismal date with her. and so elder beck had the idea to propose to tsiry the idea that he would be the one who actually preformed the baptism and she accepted/ So he said that is was one of the coolest expierences that he has had on his mission to me able to have participated in that special process of the conversion of Tsiry. So i am really happy for him.

I love my mission SOOO much and i love the lord as well. i know that he is truly here for all of us and the reason that life is so hard sometimes is because it was NEVER easy for the savior and we need to really show god how much we want to be saved in the celestial kingdom and recieve the greaters gift that has ever been offered to man. Eternal life and exaltation.

I love you all.

Elder Dayley

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July 14


Well Auxerre is AMAZING!! it is such a cool city. It is the most french ville that i have ever been too. there are 3 pretty big churches here, two that i would consider as cathedrals and the other that that is just a church/ It is about as small as i thought it was. (just i little bit smaller than vannes but there are not that many citys that are immediately surrounding it like there were in vannes.

Elder Beck is SUPER legit. He is from american fork and we discovered that we have actually kind of hung out before without knowing it because we were caught up in the “oh he is from another high school and i dont want to talk to him” phase. He has got some swag though. haha

It was a really good first week though/ We found a guy on the train ride over here and who was interested in talking to us more. so that was a great start. So this town has had missionaries for about a year and a half so the people are realitivly un contacted by missionaries which makes it alot easier to talk to them because they are actually wondering why there are 2 americans in a small city like auxerre haha/

We will have a baptism this sunday. who is this girl named Tsiry who was found by missionaries about 2 months ago. She is SUPER cool and ready for baptism. just pray that she will not succom to any of the obstacles that tend to come into peoples lives who are about to make this decision. There was also a family that we found knocking doors my first night that we wer able to see again on sunday who is interested in learning more as wekk. it was a great week and i am very excited to see what is in store for this little branch in the future becasue they are in need of some youth of else it just will not exsist in about 15 years because all of the members are old haha, So pray that the work will be able to continue to move forward for this reason. that there can be more priesthood and that there will be more young families found.

Aside from that nothing really big happened. It was just an amazing 1st week. today and yesterday are the french equicilant of independance day so there were some fire works last night that we watched from out window just in the shadow of the cathedral. haha so french.

So ya i love you. have a great week.

Elder Dayley

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july 7


So i am going to this place called Auxerre. it is this TINY city in just south east of paris. From what i hear i will be a member of the bishopbric. haha so that will be really interesting. the address is

18 rue louis richard
89000 Auxerre

Well needless to say i am VERY sad to leave nantes. I have really loved the people here and all that the members have done for us. I will now be completly changing atmospheres from a big city to a small town but like president poznanski said “with change comes opportunity” so i am excited for what is ahead.

This week has been a really good week. We saw hans and went over all of the baptismal quesions with him and he is already ready. I am excited to recieve the pictures from his baptism and see how he is doing. he will be such a great addition to this ward. so i have felt it a privilege to have been able to teach and prepare him from baptism.

This week was another really really great week. We have really worked hard to find new people and we were able to talk with alot of really great people but not really any of them were interested in hearing more. Until yesterday!! we went and met with this guy named pierre who was found be some other missionaries a whil ago and who we have been tying to get in contact with ever since and up until yesterday we were not able to see him. But he is african with a HUGE family and maried. He was very touched be the fact that we were coming over to his home to help him grow closer to christ. he is not a member of any church but his wife is a very active evangelical member but also very open to learning about more. He invited himself to church for next week and is excited to “join us” in his words haha. so i dont know if that meant that he is already thinking about baptism or not. But with the way that the RDV went i think that he will be baptised one day!! it was a very cool lesson.

Aside from that all i can say is that i am a little nervous for this transfer so pray for me. this will be a ville that is smaller than vannes i think but i have faith that there are people there who are waiting for me and that i am being sent there not only from them but also for myself. there is a lesson that the lord wants me to learn there and i am ready to go and learn it. So pray that i may be able to live up to the challenge.

I love you and am happy to hear from all of you. If you havnt written me for a while i think that its about time that you do 😉 haha

Elder Dayley

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june 30


Well i better start off with the answers to the questions that mom asked me 🙂 transfers are next wednesday and i think that i may get transfered just because of how much i like it here in nantes. So that will be sad to leave but i am also excited to see what the lord has in store for me in my next area.

This week was a week FULL of miracles and opportunities that the lord gave to us. I just want to start off by saying that we had 15 lessons fall through this week. Which seems like it would be a bad thing, But that opened up alot of time to go and find some more people. WE were guided this week to alot of new people and we were able to teach 20 lessons despite the hold back of all of the fall throuhgs. SO that was REALLY REALLY cool. That has been the best week of my mission as far as statistics goes.

We were able to see hans twice this week and he is excited about his baptism. he is such a great guy. He has completly stopped drinking and he is obeying all of the commandments. So now we just need to add water. HE knows that he will have some opposition, because there always is when someone is planning to get baptised. But he knows that it will happen and is ready do get baptsied no matter what happens.

I will tell you that teaching hans has been one of the coolest expierences of my whole like. I have been there for very lesson taught him be the missionaries except one which was just his very first lesson. and he has gone from someone who does not believe in jesus christ to someone who is expierencing the reality of his atonement. And it has been a really really cool thing to watch as he has truly found happinness in life while becomeing a deciple of jesus christ.

That is about it for the week. it was full of miracles and we have another week of miracles planned for this one so pray that we may be able to help as many of gods children as possible.

I love you all so much and think and pray for you all of the time. I Know that the lord is taking care of you and i hope that you are doing all that you can to recieve his help i.e. praying, reading your scriptures, and going to church. Because the lord himself said that “when ye do not what i say, ye have no promise” so always remember that and know that when we do not recieve a blessing from the lord is is usually because are holding back our faith by not doing those things. So keep it up, even if the blessings dont come right away.

Elder dayley

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june 23

Salut Les Gars,

Well this was a WAY cool week to say the least!! But first and best news…………. HANS IS GETTING BAPTISED!!!!! Our lesson with him was really really really good. it was the most spiritual lesson that i have ever had on my mission without a doubt. The spirit was burning a hole through all of us and we knew that hans could feel it too because his eyes were huge and he looked down at his chest like “what is happening” haha it was awesome. We taught with a member who made the RDV amazing with his personal expierences of showing his faith and taking a step into the darkness and then receiving a confirmation that his decision was correct after. Because That was hanss’ worry. He had not recieved a confirmation that it is what he sould be doing. so as the spirit was the strongest we gave him the baptismal invitation just like we have given him like 10 times but this time he said yes. He will be baptised the 26 of july, so probably after i leave. but that is fine with me because it is not about what missionary is here when he is baptised but just the fact that he IS!! so i am VERY excited. We also were able to set a bapismal date with Yves, also for the 26 of july. So that was cool. so rigt now we are preparing 3 people for baptism. It is a wonderful time for the church here in nantes. not to mention the fact that the other companionship with be having a baptism this saturday.

Other than that i just have to say that this week was full of even more miracles than the last. i have just been filled with a stange fire the do missionary work and elder Bigelow and i have been going super sain lately. At one point in time this week we crossed a busy 4 lane highway and kind of yelled at this woman on the other side and we talked with her for about 15 minutes and she was very interested. so that was cool . That is not all either, this week we have found about 10 new people. Which is the most fruitful week that i have had since i hav ebeen out. ANd that falls in line perfectly with something else that happened this week.

So you probably already know that the work on the temple here has just been ok’d and that there are no longer any obstacles in its construction. Elder Anderson came here to check on the progress and prophesied that if we really take advantage of thes next 2 to 2 1/2 years of construction then it will be a wonderful time for misisonary work here. it has really fired up the mission.

So ya that is about it for this week. We had our last zone conference with president poznanski this week and so that was sad. This is their last week here because president babin shows up. I am very sad that they are leaving but i loved what president poznanski said “every change that happens is an opportunity in disquise” so i am looking forward to what the babins are going to bring.

I love you all so much and pray so hard that the spirit might comfort you throuhg your times of trial as he has done for me.

Elder Dayley (esquire)

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