sept 22


Well this week was very good. We had alot of really cool expierences this week which really showed how much the lord is at the head of this work. But to start off i would like to say how much i love all of you and how greatful i am for all of the incredible things that you have done for me as well as for eachother. The lord LOVES it when we are kind and serve eachother because he loves us all SO MUCH and so he is greatful when we are able to help one of his other children feel good. So i just wanted to let you all know that i as well am very greatful.

Well to start off i would like to tell you about our day on saturday. So we arrived at saturday and we had not taught any lessons. WE had exchanges up in Aulnay as well as district meeting so that left us with not much time in auxerre and then the time that we were in auxerre was being filled with either weekly planning or me going and getting my “titre de sejour” (which means that i am legal in france for another year!!!! WOO HOO!!! i will not be getting deported!!) But anyways so we set the goal for saturday to be able to find 5 people that the lord wanted us to teach and help bring closer to him, As we were deciding where these peopel might be we prayed and elder taruoura felt that we should go and just walk down this dirt road in the back of auxerre where there were not usually really any people haha so i trusted in my companion and we went walking. We walked for about 3 hours straight and were able to talk to about 6 people but the thing was is that we taught 3 of them!!!! it was incredible. The very last of which we talked to came to church yesterday and at the end shared how he never takes that way home from work but he just felt like taking it on saturday and he ran into us. He said that for the first time in his whole life he does not feel like his soul is lost!!! it was soo cool. And amazing to see how the lord knew exactly where to put us and him so that we were able to meet him.

So with those three lessons included with our one that we taught to Veronique in the morning and then another that we taught that night we were able to teach 5 peoiple. Which is a REALLY good day in this mission haha. So it was an incredible expieriece.

Other than that Patrick is doing really well. We had been worried that he was just coming to church because he loved mariema (a member) but this week he tried to move their relationship to the next levle haha and she flat out rejected him and he Still came to church!!! And after mariema told us that, he said to her that the church and her were not linked at all. So that is really good news. He told us that the only thing that is holding him back from baptism now is that he doesnt feel worthy for it. So continue to pray for him if you would becuase he needs it!!!

I love you all so very much and i hope that you all have a great week and are able to grow a little closer to the lord than you were last week. As well as realize just a little bit more about what jesus christ did for us all in the garden of Gethsemany. For i dont think that any of us fully understand what he did.

I love you i love you i love you!!!

Elder Dayley

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