sept 8

Salut les gares!!

Well i am doing well this week. It was a really cool week with some pretty bigs and some pretty low lows. I will of course talk mostly about the highs.

To start off i wanted to talk about friday. So this last friday our mission as well as the mission of Lyon france set a goal together to find 1000 new investigators together in the day. So in order to accomplish this goal we would pray for eachother every 30 minutes that we would be able to see success. As well as we would all buy a Mille Feuille for lunch (that is a yummy frence pastry) haha. So that is what we did. Here in auxerre we got off kind of to a late start because we got in at aboyt noon from out Exchange in meaux with the elders there. But nevertheless we went out with faith to find people. IT was AMAZING to feel the faith of all 500 missionaries combined together in this purpose. THe day had such a cool feeling too it. WE went out and started talking to as many people as we could and almost everyone that we talked to was would at least lend us an ear to listen for a moment which is rare. So one of the cool things that happened was that we contacted this woman and she kind of tried to shun us off by saying “i am already a catholic and i will stay a catholic” but i was too pumped to just let her go like that so i kind of stopped her while she was walking away and said “that is great. what has that done for you in your life to help you?” which is something that i only do if i feel the spirit tell me to push a little harder haha. So she stopped and thought and answered and we had a great conversation and were able to teach her. We found out that she was from Peru and that she has a lot of family that are mormon and that she has actually read the book of mormon and was close to getting baptised but then she went to prision from some imigration problems and sort of dropped it. So we were able to take her number and she actually lives down in the lyon mission so we will pass her over to them. But we were pumped about that and while we were talking to her we got a referall from the Troyes elders for someone that they found that lives in our area. It was really cool to see how we were litterally all working together to find investigators, whether they were for us or for others.

SO on the other hand we got a text from Tsiry (the recent convert) on saturday morning that said ” i would like you and all the branch to leave me alone for a while to give me some time to really think about my decision to become a mormon. i am not completly convinced.” and come to find out, for the last while whe had been dating a muslim man and he has been trash talking christianity to her and trying to convince her to convert to islam. So she is actually thinking about it. So if you could all pray for her that would be great. because she needs to remember her testimony that is getting dosed by this man.

SO ya other than that we were able to go up to meaux for an exchange. as well as go on exchanges with the elders From Aulnay. So that was fun to be able to learn from all of those missionaries.

I love you all and hope that you all have had a great week and make this next one great as well.

Elder Dayley

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