sept 15


Well this week was a great week for us. Life is pretty fun with a poly and i think that i am really starting to become one of them. So give a big Mahalo to all of the hawaians that you know and a Hiorana to all of the tahitians. You can also call them “Maya” for me (it means banana in tahitian haha but they think that it is a cool way of adressing their friends….. i dont get it)

But i learned a ton this week. I have started reading this book called ” The power of everyday missionaries” and i would recommend that every single member of the church read it. It talks all about how us as members of the church can do missionary work in a way that dosnt scare everyone off. I think that it is great and there are a ton of principals in there that have helped me to become a more effective servant of the lord.

First off i got to taste a little bit of really how much power the book of mormon has in our work. That was the topic of this Zone Conference which was last thursday and so i took it and really tried to apply the book of mormon more in the way that i do missionary work. so i would love to share just one of the cool expierences that i had/.

So we have been seeing this man named Windiam for a few weeks. He is from africa and is a catholic with a lot of protestant beliefs. so he thinks that the book of mormon is blastphemy because if we accept the book of mormon as scripture then to him that means that we say that the bible in incomplete. Which he has a hard time accepting. So what we dicided to do this week was just simply read with him some examples from the book of mormon that show that it actually helps us learn more about the bible and helps us grom closer to christ. So we read with him. And he began to read and he really liked what he read/. After that he then began to say how the book of mormon is not the word of god but it is rather just a help to the bible and that it was written to simply to be the work of god. haha And so i asked him ” How can you say that when you have not even read it” and he aggreed with me haha. He said that he was pretentious to have said that and that he would read the book of mormon (which is something that he has never agreed to do us until now) and as the end of the Lesson he stood up and said to his brother (who was visiting from a town not far from here) “you know, you are not catholic of protestant. You should really think about joining the mormons. I am a catholic from birth and i could not leave that, but you are not. And i think that you should really think about joining them because i am their loyal friend” haha i was blown away when he said this because all of our other lessons with him were kind of just him trying to tell us that all of our docterine with blasphemy but as soon as we had him just read with us from the book of mormon he was willing to actually do missionary for us haha. It was really cool.

Other than that we have had some cool things happen. We were able to talk to patrick about baptism and he says that he needs to wait until after the 25 to decide on a date. So pray for him that he will be able to be protected from the opposition that satan will for sure try to put into his life. We still have not heard from Tsiry. we will call her some time tomorrow to got news on how she is and if she feels ready to talk with us again. So pray form her as well.

I love you all so much. And i pray for you all every day. May god bless you.

Avec toute l’amour de mon cœur,
Elder Dayley

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