Sept 1


Well i would love to start off by saying how fast this week went by. I feel like i was just in front of this computer but in reality it has been a whole week. It was an amazing week and alot of it was actually spent outside of out own area doing Exchanges and going up to paris for out district meeting.

This week i had the wonderful opportinity to be able to go on Exchanges with the Elders from Troyes as well as the elders from Meaux. It was really cool to be able to spend some time with some other missionaries and find out their “super powers” as sister posnanski called them. Or in other words things that they are really good at that i want to apply to my mission. I Was with this elder from seatle washington named Elder Palmer. He is a generally shy missionary who doesnt say much. It was interesting for me to watch as he did missionary work because he didnt talk much and had anxiety as we talked with people but as he began to testify the spirit was incredibly. We were simply talking with a woman at her door who had recently lost someone close to her and Elder palmer began to testify so simply and so sincerly of the plan of salvation that it nearly brought me to tears. I was so incredibly touched by that. I aggree with President Brigham Young when he spoke of his conversion and how the thing that did it for him was when he heard a man without elgequence nor tallent for public speaking testify and he said that it was thanks to this man that “eternity was opened befor his eyes” and that is when he dicided to be baptised after years of investigating the church. It was really really cool.

The other Exchange was equally miraculous but just in a different way. I was up in Troyes with an elder from new jersey named elder Garner. It was probably one of my most successful exchanges as far as success goes. We had our planned lesson fall through and so we just went and tracted for the night with the extra time that we had and litterally every person that we talked to we taught and they were interested in hearing more. It was unlike anything that i have every seen befor here in france. I felt like i was right there next to tanner in honduras đŸ˜‰ haha but serioursly it was so cool. And this is in troyes one of the most beautiful frence cities that i have ever been in and one in which there has not bee very much success as far as missionary work goes. It was amazing.

Well just 2 more things that i want to talk about. One of them was a huge blessing from the lord. This week a member that we have been visiting that was baptised in janurary of this year called us and told us that she had invited a man that she has recently met to come to church with her. He came and told us that he just moved here from paris and decided that he needs to reconcile himself with god. And that he has been to several other churches here and that they did not please him. At the end of church he was happy to say that our church however did. We were able to set a appointment with him after church for this coming friday. So pray for him, his name is Partick.

The other one was this afracan man that we met knocking that let us in last time but just sort of wanted to bible bash with us. And we went back to see him again just yesterday and just focused on the basics. we re taught him about the book of mormon and it was soo cool to see things start to click in his head as we testified. And at the end of the lesson he aggreed to read it (which he would not do the previous time) so that was really cool. The coolest part of the lesson was when i had just finnishes sharing my testamony of the book of mormon with him and he looked at me and said “ok if what you said is true then i should be able to just open the book to any page and feel edified” so that is exactly what he did and he opened to Alma 40. As he read he kind of started off reading with a sarcastic tone and “puffed up” as the scriptures say. but as he read his tone started to change and he actually stopped reading out loud and had a completly different look on his face. When he finnished he looked at us and said ” ok, it is a good book” and it was a powerful witness to me of the power of the book of mormon. That is the first time that something like that has happened to perfectly on my mission.

SO ya there you go. The week in a few paragraphs. I was so happy to have been able to live it and am excited to see what this week has in store.

Love you,
Elder Dayley

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