aug 25


Well i love that you all had such a great time on the cruise. You got to see a little bit of Europe which is one of the most beautiful places in the world as far as architecture goes. It is cool you got to see a little bit of what i get to see every day. And i am not trying to rub it in your faces even tho i kind of am. haha

Well this week was really good. Elder Taruoura is sweet. He is a classic polynesian. I love him so much. He is really chill, really nice, really sincere, and i am never afraid of the groups of muslim kids when i am with him because i know that he can take them all on single handedly while i call someone for help haha. So that is cool. Well this is some of the first english that i have spoken i a while because when i say that he does not speak english i mean NONE, haha so my french is really getting practiced right now haha. I am kind of tired of it but it is cool to see me having to start translating things from french to english when i want to speak english haha. It is wierd actually. I would have never thought i would be in this situation a year and a half ago.

Well just like i did with elder beck my first day here, on elder Taruouras first day here we found a family to teach from door knocking. it is a tradition. It is really really cool to see how far i have come since i was in vannes becacuse here in auxerre it is about 2\3 the size of vannes but we are teaching a lot more people as well has seeing more baptisms. So it has been really cool for me to be able to measure my progress as a missionary (although i still have A LONG ways to go)

Some really really good news for this week was that we were able to fix a baptismal date this week with Dera, who is the son of the recent convert here names Tsiry who was baptised about a 6 weeks ago. So that was really good news. He has been coming to church with his mom every week and we were talking to him the other day about stuff that he has learned and he sounds just like a regular member of the church. And also ,for both of Tsirys kids, when i got here they both had a really hard time praying just because toky (the 4 year old) would just say ” there is no one listening to me” and now it is practically always them who say the opening and closing prayers for the lessons!!!! It is so cool to be able to see their little testamonies growing and that is just what htis branch needs as well is more youth and in three years dera will be able to get the priesthood. I am really excited for that.

So this week President Judas (the branch president) was out of town again which meant that it was up the Frere Labuzon to conduct the meeting. Just some back round on him, he is about 70 but he kind of shows the signs of being slightly mently handicap. So it is always interesting in the branch when he conducts haha. One of the funny things that happened was that the ward piano player did not come so that meant that we had to sing akapella….. And Frere Labuzon chose a bunch of hymns that no one knew (not even him) haha so when he stood up to conduct the music he counted “one two three” for everyone to start singing. And BOOM….. dead silence hahahahah it was seriously so funny because all of the members were waiting for someone else to start singing haha i was at the sacrament table but i could not help but giggle to myself.

So ya other than that the week was normal. I miss elder Beck a ton but that is good because that means that we really got along. And also it is good that he lives just in American fork because that means that we can easly meet up after we get home (assuming he does not get married right away….which is likely hah)

Well i love you,

Bonne Semaine,

Elder Dayley

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