aug 11


Well i will just say how jealous i am that you are on vacation. That is so cool to be able to go to venice and other cool places like that. Are you going anywhere in france? i would assume that it you went anywhere it would be to Marseille, Just because that is ther one big city that is really on the coast. If so i wont be far from you 😉 auxerre is about as south as you can get in this mission so if there is any time, president Babin is really cool about letting you go out to lunch with your family. There are a few elders that have been able to do that. Although i wont lie, that would be a little wierd. so on second thouoght, maybe not,

But this week was pretty good. We were not really able to see any of our investigators because they are all on vacation. So that is too bad. it was a little difficult becasue of that just because i love our Amis, but it is ok. That just meant that we got to go and do alot of tracting.

One of the coolest things that happened this week was actually a really cool miracle. So there are these two member kids that lived in florida but had to move here to live with their uncle because both thier parents died in a car accident. it is a really sad story. But they are never able to come to church becasue they live an hour away from the chaple and their uncle is not a member. But he is open to having the missionaries come over because he knows how much the kids love their church. So the branch president wanted us to go and visit them because of their situation. So we had planned to do it on saturday night and then we just couldnt find the address in our GPS and also elder beck had a killer headache and he was not up to driving all the way out there. so we decided against it. And just said that we would do it on sunday. So that is what we did. We had some trouble finding the address becasue the road is not in ANY map system, even on google, but it was really cool becasue the lord put the most random people in our way that just happened to know this tiny little road that not many people live on. So we were able to find the house. And when we knocked on the door the uncle came and opened the door and explained that they had just got back from boston that morning and that the kids were sleeping. He also explained that they were going to move in like 3 weeks and that it was lucky that we came when we did because he was able to give us their new address. So if we would have gone the night before they would not have even been there and since sens is so far away from us we probably would not have gone back until next month when we had more miles for the car and they would not have lived there anymore and they would probably have been lost and it would have been a while before they would be re found by the church. So it was a very cool expierence to be a part of and it was cool just to see how the lord truly knows everything that is happening and will tell us what to do so that his precious children dont get lost.

Thats about it. It was a great week and i am excited to hear more about your cruise 🙂 have a fun week

Du plus profond de mon coeur,
Elder Dayley

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