july 28

Saut ma belle famille et mes cheres amis:

This week was a great week but a week that was not lacking in hurdles:

I will start off by talking about all of the good things that happene. We got to go and do an exchange with the elders that are currently in meaux: (which for all of you americans is where disneyland france is) we did not however get to go in because that is against the rules in this ,mission haha and it was not p-day. so that was fun. i was with an elder who i will not give a name too who is not really enjoying his mission at all and is just looking for a reason to go home. It was kind of sad to see that becasue he was just not enjoying himself at all and was searching for joy in breaking the mission rules so it was an interesting exchange just to hear all about that. It made me very greatful for the fact that i love my mission because it did not look very fun to be in his situation. But i was blessed with compassion and understanding and so it was fun to be able to go there and see miracles in their area that in his words is a “dead area” . i think that he was cheered up a little but afterwards.

So i bet everyone is wondering how sunday went this week. It was actually probably one of the coolest expierences on my mission because as i sat up front and looked at everyone who was there (about 8 members) i couldnt help but feel a little bit like those 6 people who were there when the church was organized in 1830. I looked at all the faithful members of Auxerre and imagined one day coming back here to visit a ward. So it was a really really neat expierence.

Other than that it was an average week. We are all out of miles on the car so we were not really able to go and see our amis who live outside of walking distance. So we spent alot of time just in auxerre. Tsiry is doing very very well and as far as our other amis go i think that they are all doing well becasue there was not much contact that was made with them this week. I am really excited for Tsirys son becsue he is nine so i think that we will be able to set a baptismal date with him this week. We had the opportunity to teach him and his brother Touki this week in primary and it was so cool seeing them answer the questions that we asked them just so simple and so honestly. I loved it.

So ya i definitly learned a TON this week and am very very happy to have been able to spent it in the service of the lord.

I miss you all very much and pray for you all the time.

Avec Amour,
Elder Dayley

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