July 21


Well this is a crazy new life as the district leader just becasue now i need to do exchanges with all of the elders in my district as well as with the zone leaders, which means that i need to do 7 exchanges this transfer and i only have 4 weeks to do it haha. So we have unfortunatly not been able to spend much time in our own sector. But whenever we actually we actually are here we work hard and have been seeing miracles.

This week was alot of fun. It was the baptism of Tsiry which went well. We had to drive all the way up to Troyes to do and use their font because the church here does not have one. And so that is about an hour and a half away. It was really cool to be able to be here for her baptism. I am really really excited for her and for the branch as well, They deserve it so much becasue there are not that many people here but they still take SUCH good care of our investigators. We heard that they had invited Tsiry over to their homes without us even knowing which is True integration. Becasue that means that they are not relying on us at all and so that leaves just teaching to us. It is really cool.

This week during one of the exchanges here in Auxerre i got to be with someone who was in my dirstict in the MTC, elder Lam. He is really cool and it was alot of fun talking about the MTC and we also had the opportunity to find a family who is interested in hearing more. And a young family also which is EXACTLY what this branch needs.

This week we also recieved news that neither of the 2 other priesthood holders in the branch will be here next week and so elder beck and i will be organizing, presiding, conducting, and blessing and passing the sacrement haha so that will certanly be an expierence that i have never had before. It will be cool/

As for the week that is pretty much it. It was really cool to be able to have the baptism. There was another cool thing that happened as well. So the elder in Troyes (elder watts) used to be the District leader before me. He has never had the opportunity to see any of his investigators get baptised while he has been out and he only has about 6 months left. And so the cool thing about Tsiry is that he actually found here while he was on exchanges here in auxerre and he was also here on exchanges when we fixed a baptismal date with her. and so elder beck had the idea to propose to tsiry the idea that he would be the one who actually preformed the baptism and she accepted/ So he said that is was one of the coolest expierences that he has had on his mission to me able to have participated in that special process of the conversion of Tsiry. So i am really happy for him.

I love my mission SOOO much and i love the lord as well. i know that he is truly here for all of us and the reason that life is so hard sometimes is because it was NEVER easy for the savior and we need to really show god how much we want to be saved in the celestial kingdom and recieve the greaters gift that has ever been offered to man. Eternal life and exaltation.

I love you all.

Elder Dayley

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