July 14


Well Auxerre is AMAZING!! it is such a cool city. It is the most french ville that i have ever been too. there are 3 pretty big churches here, two that i would consider as cathedrals and the other that that is just a church/ It is about as small as i thought it was. (just i little bit smaller than vannes but there are not that many citys that are immediately surrounding it like there were in vannes.

Elder Beck is SUPER legit. He is from american fork and we discovered that we have actually kind of hung out before without knowing it because we were caught up in the “oh he is from another high school and i dont want to talk to him” phase. He has got some swag though. haha

It was a really good first week though/ We found a guy on the train ride over here and who was interested in talking to us more. so that was a great start. So this town has had missionaries for about a year and a half so the people are realitivly un contacted by missionaries which makes it alot easier to talk to them because they are actually wondering why there are 2 americans in a small city like auxerre haha/

We will have a baptism this sunday. who is this girl named Tsiry who was found by missionaries about 2 months ago. She is SUPER cool and ready for baptism. just pray that she will not succom to any of the obstacles that tend to come into peoples lives who are about to make this decision. There was also a family that we found knocking doors my first night that we wer able to see again on sunday who is interested in learning more as wekk. it was a great week and i am very excited to see what is in store for this little branch in the future becasue they are in need of some youth of else it just will not exsist in about 15 years because all of the members are old haha, So pray that the work will be able to continue to move forward for this reason. that there can be more priesthood and that there will be more young families found.

Aside from that nothing really big happened. It was just an amazing 1st week. today and yesterday are the french equicilant of independance day so there were some fire works last night that we watched from out window just in the shadow of the cathedral. haha so french.

So ya i love you. have a great week.

Elder Dayley

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