kolby May 26


So i am staying in nantes and this time i will be sr. companion. It is a missionary who is in his 3 transfer i think and his name is elder Bigelow. i have never met him and still have not met him for he will be coming in on wednesday. haha so that is pretty much all that i can tell you. There is no one else who knows him either because he is new. So there you go.

well this week was kind of a wierd week. There were alot of things that happened that were un expected but it was still a good week.

It was a little bit wierd first off because it was mine and elder connellys last week together so we tried to work hard and not get too sentimental about it all haha. Because then it just makes it even more hard when the new guy comes because you are focused on the fact that you miss the way that your old comp did things and such. But this week we had alot of our scheduelled lessons fall through which was hard. Which is always difficult becasue then we have a chunk of time that we didnt expect. So we started making back up plans for all of our RDVs which helped. But despite all of the un for seens we were still able to see alot of relly cool miracles.

#1. One of our lessons fell through so we decided to stop be another one of our amis housed and when we were there there was 2 of his friends there and just in the other room. So just as the investigator was saying goodbye to us i jumped in and said “hey, can you introduce us to your friends” and he did. so there was one whose name was Marcel and as soon as we walked in he said. OH YOUR THE MISSIONARIES! I MUST COME TO CHURCH WITH YOU TOMORROW!! haha it was really cool.. Even though he did not actually end up coming to church we still taught him about the book of mormon and exchanget numbers so we will try and see him this week.

#2 another one of our lessons fell through (our rdv with the ami as talked about above haha) and so we went and passed by an old amis house, an ami from another companionship a while ago. and he was actually home so he let us in and it turns out that he is still interested in meeting with us and that he would be thrilled for us to come back.

So that was fun. It was just cool to see how alot of times the dissapointments that we see as humans are often ways that the lord opens up pathways to his other children that he has been preparing. it was a very cool thing to realize. It was difficult in the moment because we were very excited to see those people but now looking back on it it was a very cool thing.

But other than that, not much happened this week. All of the other amis are still progressing just fine and we are just looking and praying for what to do to help them have the “click moment” where it will all make sense and they will want to be baptised. So pray for that.

i love you so much.

Avec amour,
elder Dayley

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