june 9

Mes Cheres amis et ma chere famille,

This week was a Wonderful week for me. You may think that it is wierd that i say this when i tell you all what happened on tuesday.

So Tuesday was coming to a close and it had not been a easy day to say the least. We had had almost all of our RDVs cancled on us and we did not really find anyone with the extra time that we had. And so as the day was just ending and we were walking home we got a phone call. It was elder Bigelows turn with the phone so he answered and then passed the phone to me telling me that he didnt know who it was bu that they wanted to talk to me. So i looked at the phone number only to realize that it was my mothers number. My heart dropped knowing good and well that this could only be hard news. So i said hello and i was my moms sweet voice “Hi this is your mommy, i have some hard news for you.” she went on to tell me that my sweet grandma (her mother) had unexpectibly passed away while she was hiking with my grandpa. This was difficult for me to hear because i knew that the world had just lost a huge light. But as i thought more about it another thought came into me head. Imagine the light that just went into the spirit world. My sweet grandma is one of the most christlike people that i know. I can say confidently actually that she was the most christlike person that i know. Everytime that i walked into their house i felt her love for me and i she expressed it in some many other ways than just in her words. I will always remember the precious time that i was able to spend with her every week when i would mow their lawn for them and that i would have some time to just sit and chat with her as she got out things for me to eat for lunch. I hold these as some of my most precious memories. I will miss her greatly BUT i know that this the time in this life is very short as compared to eternity. Which means that threre wont be much more time until will all be able to see her again. this gives me much hope and comfort. I pray that we may all use this precious time to focus on the blessings that we have and the luck that we have to be members of this church who KNOW that we will all see eachother again. It is a beautiful docterin and we have it here all thanks to the restoration.

But otherwise this week was a good one. It was no doubt a hard week. But none the less a good one. We fasted for franck yesterday that we will know what to do with him and how to help him. And also that his heart will be prepared to be ready to be baptised. But ya i dont reall have much news other than that from this week.

We had stake conference yesterday and it was a conference for all of europe so we had the chance to be able to listen to 2 apostles, elder Christopherson and elder anderson. Elder Anderson talked about his mission a little bit and he served in a city called poitiers which is just about 1 hour from here. So that was pretty cool. they gave great talks and i ad alot ofrevelation coming during them.

But i know tha the funeral for my grandma is today so just know that i am there is spirit and i will be thinking about you constantly. i love you all so much and i pray for all you those who are moarning for the loss of Grandma christanson that you may be comforted by the third member of the god head whose job it is to comfort. He is there for this reason and our lord jesus christ preformed the atonement for this very reason. His resurection means that the death is no longer a sad thing. It is the means by with me enter into the persence of loved ones and the next nessisary step towards perfestion mosiah 16:8 But there is a resurrection, therefore the grave hath no victory, and the sting of death is swallowed up in Christ.

I love you all with all my heart and i miss you and pray that we all me live worthy so that the spirit of the lord be able to be with us always and comfort us,
Elder Dayley

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