june 30


Well i better start off with the answers to the questions that mom asked me 🙂 transfers are next wednesday and i think that i may get transfered just because of how much i like it here in nantes. So that will be sad to leave but i am also excited to see what the lord has in store for me in my next area.

This week was a week FULL of miracles and opportunities that the lord gave to us. I just want to start off by saying that we had 15 lessons fall through this week. Which seems like it would be a bad thing, But that opened up alot of time to go and find some more people. WE were guided this week to alot of new people and we were able to teach 20 lessons despite the hold back of all of the fall throuhgs. SO that was REALLY REALLY cool. That has been the best week of my mission as far as statistics goes.

We were able to see hans twice this week and he is excited about his baptism. he is such a great guy. He has completly stopped drinking and he is obeying all of the commandments. So now we just need to add water. HE knows that he will have some opposition, because there always is when someone is planning to get baptised. But he knows that it will happen and is ready do get baptsied no matter what happens.

I will tell you that teaching hans has been one of the coolest expierences of my whole like. I have been there for very lesson taught him be the missionaries except one which was just his very first lesson. and he has gone from someone who does not believe in jesus christ to someone who is expierencing the reality of his atonement. And it has been a really really cool thing to watch as he has truly found happinness in life while becomeing a deciple of jesus christ.

That is about it for the week. it was full of miracles and we have another week of miracles planned for this one so pray that we may be able to help as many of gods children as possible.

I love you all so much and think and pray for you all of the time. I Know that the lord is taking care of you and i hope that you are doing all that you can to recieve his help i.e. praying, reading your scriptures, and going to church. Because the lord himself said that “when ye do not what i say, ye have no promise” so always remember that and know that when we do not recieve a blessing from the lord is is usually because are holding back our faith by not doing those things. So keep it up, even if the blessings dont come right away.

Elder dayley

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