june 23

Salut Les Gars,

Well this was a WAY cool week to say the least!! But first and best news…………. HANS IS GETTING BAPTISED!!!!! Our lesson with him was really really really good. it was the most spiritual lesson that i have ever had on my mission without a doubt. The spirit was burning a hole through all of us and we knew that hans could feel it too because his eyes were huge and he looked down at his chest like “what is happening” haha it was awesome. We taught with a member who made the RDV amazing with his personal expierences of showing his faith and taking a step into the darkness and then receiving a confirmation that his decision was correct after. Because That was hanss’ worry. He had not recieved a confirmation that it is what he sould be doing. so as the spirit was the strongest we gave him the baptismal invitation just like we have given him like 10 times but this time he said yes. He will be baptised the 26 of july, so probably after i leave. but that is fine with me because it is not about what missionary is here when he is baptised but just the fact that he IS!! so i am VERY excited. We also were able to set a bapismal date with Yves, also for the 26 of july. So that was cool. so rigt now we are preparing 3 people for baptism. It is a wonderful time for the church here in nantes. not to mention the fact that the other companionship with be having a baptism this saturday.

Other than that i just have to say that this week was full of even more miracles than the last. i have just been filled with a stange fire the do missionary work and elder Bigelow and i have been going super sain lately. At one point in time this week we crossed a busy 4 lane highway and kind of yelled at this woman on the other side and we talked with her for about 15 minutes and she was very interested. so that was cool . That is not all either, this week we have found about 10 new people. Which is the most fruitful week that i have had since i hav ebeen out. ANd that falls in line perfectly with something else that happened this week.

So you probably already know that the work on the temple here has just been ok’d and that there are no longer any obstacles in its construction. Elder Anderson came here to check on the progress and prophesied that if we really take advantage of thes next 2 to 2 1/2 years of construction then it will be a wonderful time for misisonary work here. it has really fired up the mission.

So ya that is about it for this week. We had our last zone conference with president poznanski this week and so that was sad. This is their last week here because president babin shows up. I am very sad that they are leaving but i loved what president poznanski said “every change that happens is an opportunity in disquise” so i am looking forward to what the babins are going to bring.

I love you all so much and pray so hard that the spirit might comfort you throuhg your times of trial as he has done for me.

Elder Dayley (esquire)

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