june 2

Salut famille!

This was a kind of cool week. My new comp is really cool. he is in his third transfer and his french is kind of struggling. He is really trying to inprove so i am kind of back into training mode for that. And that means that we speak nothing but french when we are outside the apartment. haha So i think that he will begin to inprove quickly.

He is really cool though. He is BLACK!! haha so i got one of the like 4 black guys in utah. He is really happy to be out on a mission and is ready to work hard. So that is exactly what we did this week. His first day here we say Yves and Hans and the secon we had 3 RDVs so that was a couple busy days. So it was cool for him because it sounded like in his last area there was not much going on,

Other than that the other new elder who is in the apartment is this guy (also black) from boston and he is a REALLY good missionary. He only has 2 months left on his mission and so he is really good at everything. I can already tell that i am going to learn a ton from him. He is the District leader as well so we will be able to go on exchanges together. So i am excited for that.

So we went and saw this guy this week named marcel because he was interested to know more about our beliefs and so as we started talking to him he was asking for alot of proof from the bible about all of the things that we teach. (Luckly i have really been trying to memorize that stuff recently) but come to find out, he is a catholic priest haha. So he knows that bible really really well. so we had to do everything in our power to keep it from being a bible bash haha But it actually turned out to be a really good lesson. He even said that he is going to introduce us to one of his friends that is looking for a church to join/ so we are really excited about that.

We were not able to see Franck this week because he was at his parents home (who a totally from vannes by the way) But he did come home befor sunday so he was able to come to church. which we were not expecting. hans and his friend Saul also came to church so that was cool./ Now these people just need to be baptised dang it!!! they are all ready and bassically members but i think just scared that they wont be able to live up to their baptismal covenents. So they need your prayers. They are in the “just add water” stage of their conversion. haha

Well that is pretty much it for this week. There was not much else that happened other than the fact that we set a baptismal date with alan for the 12 of july!! so we are excited but he is going to have alot of work to to up until that point. so he will need your prayers.

Prayer list:
Yves that he will be able to come to church
Franck that he will accept baptism
hans and diego that same as franck
alan that he will be able to quit smoking and drinking
Clarisse that she will be able to be prepared to be baptised the 12 of july as well

Thanks you so much!! i love you all and miss you al very much but i will say that i would not rather be anywhere else right now then out serving my savior.

Elder Dayley

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