june 16


Well this week was a week full of amazing things. I wanted to start off by saying however that i pray for everyone in the family (extended and imediate) who is moarning for the loss of our sweet grandma christiansen by name. So the lord is taking care of you, i know it.

This week is one of the weeks in my mission where i have felt like i am just a new person. I dont know why really but i have just been filled with a Roaring fire to improve the way that i do missionary work and to share the gosple with as many people that i can. I think that i may or may not have someone on the other side who is pushing my šŸ˜‰ but i have seen so many miracles because of it. There have been a bunch of people who i have been talking to on the bus and on the tram that have been interested in talking more with us. There have even been a few who have said, ” that is so wierd that you talk to me because i have felt like i have been needing to grow my faith lately” to which i respond ” we can help you do that ” so it has been very cool.

I have also noticed in increase of the spirit come into my life this week. I have noticed that during lessons i will just know what to say and how to consel people. One of these expierences that i had this week was with Franck. We saw him and we felt inspired to teach him more about real intent. And while we were teaching i started teaching and also learning about how i could improve my real intent when i pray as well. The spirit started telling me specific actions that franck could do to improve that i had never even thought of before. And at the end of the Lesson i said “alright franck, I know that the concept of baptism scares you, But you will NOT recieve an answer to your prayers if you are not willing to be baptised after you recieve it, So this week i want you to SERIOUSLY reflect about if you will be baptised of not and then pray to the lord and tell him that if you recieve an answer you will be baptised. This is the only way that you will recieve an answer”. the reason that this came as a suprise to me was because normally when we teach franck we are very gentle with him because he is kind of timid. So the fact that i was that bold with him was kind of strange. But it touched him and he said that he would do it. Once again i that is a testamony to me that there is some more influence on the other side of the veil. it was so cool to be able to expierence.

That is simply one of the many cool expierences that happened this week. THis week another cool thing that happened is that one of the less actives that we are working with named Frere Makubanza came to church for the first time in 8 years!!! it was so cool. and it seemed like he loved it. It was a really cool thing to see.

But that is all that i have time to share this week. I love you all so much and pray for you every day. I hope that your first source of help through your trials is ALWAYS you father in heaven, For he is the best source and infinite source of help.

elder Dayley

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