july 7


So i am going to this place called Auxerre. it is this TINY city in just south east of paris. From what i hear i will be a member of the bishopbric. haha so that will be really interesting. the address is

18 rue louis richard
89000 Auxerre

Well needless to say i am VERY sad to leave nantes. I have really loved the people here and all that the members have done for us. I will now be completly changing atmospheres from a big city to a small town but like president poznanski said “with change comes opportunity” so i am excited for what is ahead.

This week has been a really good week. We saw hans and went over all of the baptismal quesions with him and he is already ready. I am excited to recieve the pictures from his baptism and see how he is doing. he will be such a great addition to this ward. so i have felt it a privilege to have been able to teach and prepare him from baptism.

This week was another really really great week. We have really worked hard to find new people and we were able to talk with alot of really great people but not really any of them were interested in hearing more. Until yesterday!! we went and met with this guy named pierre who was found be some other missionaries a whil ago and who we have been tying to get in contact with ever since and up until yesterday we were not able to see him. But he is african with a HUGE family and maried. He was very touched be the fact that we were coming over to his home to help him grow closer to christ. he is not a member of any church but his wife is a very active evangelical member but also very open to learning about more. He invited himself to church for next week and is excited to “join us” in his words haha. so i dont know if that meant that he is already thinking about baptism or not. But with the way that the RDV went i think that he will be baptised one day!! it was a very cool lesson.

Aside from that all i can say is that i am a little nervous for this transfer so pray for me. this will be a ville that is smaller than vannes i think but i have faith that there are people there who are waiting for me and that i am being sent there not only from them but also for myself. there is a lesson that the lord wants me to learn there and i am ready to go and learn it. So pray that i may be able to live up to the challenge.

I love you and am happy to hear from all of you. If you havnt written me for a while i think that its about time that you do 😉 haha

Elder Dayley

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