May 19


This week was a really good week. We offically broke record of most lessons taught in a single transfer by about ten and we still have a whole NOTHER week in front of us 😉 haha Even though it is not all about the stats it still feels good to know that we are doing well wit lessons.

We were really busy this week. We got a bunch of the sisters investigators passed to us because president wanted us to divide nantes into 3 sectors respective to each companship. so all of the investigators that were not in our sectors had to get passed. We unfortunatly had to pass marie clair to the sisters but we think that it will be good for her. But we did not lose any of our other investigators, So we still have all of them. But out of those new investigators we set up RDVs with them and not a single one of them showed up. which was difficult because we had members with us for each one of them and so they showed up for nothing. haha it was kind of fun though because since they had planned to spend an hour with us we just took them around with us to do missionary work,. so it was a fun expierence for them to be able to come contacting with us haha i think that it scared them a little but it was still fun.

But ya update on the amis, Hans and Diego did not and would not commit to a date BUT they both aggreed to let us prepare them as if there was a date (second best outcome) and so that is what we are going to do. Franck still wont. but he is stirring to accept one soon. so keep praying. Natitcha and henry have not accepted yet but they are getting closer. Yves wants to set one but we need to get his job situation worked out so that he can come to church first, So pray for him and his boss. And maybe that he will just get another job. Other than that they are doing well.

We finally got to meet with this man named Frere Romelle this week who we met last transfer (about 7 weeks ago) and who has just never been available. it was a really cool expierence how we met him because we were at the tram stop waiting for a tram and the other elders walked up and so elder connelly went to go and talk to them and i tried to follow them but my feel just would not move for some reason. it was VERY wierd. and so i looked around and there were these 3 african guys standing there kind of looking at me funny and so i said “bonjour” and then we started to talk and it turns out that they were interested. one of these people being Frere Romelle and so it was really cool. But ya the RDV was great. he took notes and all haha it was legit.

Other than that it was just a busy week. i am REALLY tired haha. but i have no choice but to keep moving because this week looks like it will be even more busy. It will most likely be the last week that elder connelly and i are together because transfers are next wednesday so that will be sad becuase we have seen a lot of miracles together. But i am excited to see who the lord calls to this area next and to see what he brings. maybe he will be the one who will say just the rigt thing to help all of these people to commit to baptism. So we will see.

I love you all so much.

Have a great week. and i pray for you and miss ou all very much.
elder Dayley (esquire)

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