May 5

Chere Famille,
Well this week was truly a humbling week for me. That is not to say that it was overly difficult of even a bad week. But i will explain.

So this week we were able to finnish the lessons with marie clair. So she is offically ready to be baptised. But i think that i mentionsed in my last letter that i feel like any old missionary that has the missionary brochures and good aime would be able to teach her. haha i say that because she accepeted everything that she was taught without question because she just simply knew that the church was true. it is really fun to see someone Who is just so willing and ready like that. So i was humbled by that fact.

Another thing that happened this week was that i was sort of starting to get confident in my teaching abililies and in my abilities to talk with people and started to get really elegant with all of it. to the point where i was more “convincing people” than actually teaching by the spirit. so there was one lesson with marie clair this week where i just didnt feel like the spirit was with me. and i know it even before we started teaching and i was wondering why. So we started teaching and i just did not hace ANYTHING to say. I felt just at a loss of words and like i was not capable of really teaching. it was the first time that i have felt like this since i have been out. (other than maybe when i didnt speak french haha), But after the lesson i was just really not feeling good about it and kind of down on myself. And that is when i realized that the lord was telling me in a very strong way that if i do not have the spirit with me, i shall not teach, just like it states in the docterine and covenants. I realized that even if i can say the logic in the world that our message is true, I still will not be abel to convince people/ it just does not work that way.

other than that. We were able to see Yves again and he said that he wants to be baptised but before that he just wants to be able to come to church. And it is hard for him becuase he works in the resteraunt buisness and so works ever sunday. So if you could pray that his boss’ heart will soften that would be great haha.

hans and diego, and franck are all doing well. There is not really any news this week for them other than the fact that they are all still progessing.

in closing. I just want to say how incredibly greatful i am for the lord and that he knew that i would be unperfect so he sent his son to make it so that my mistakes will be all taken care of and that i am able to repent and become better. I felt that more than ever this week during sacrament meeting,.

I Love you all SOOO much and miss you,. You are in my prayers every single day. And i know that the lord answers prayers.

Avec amour,
elder Dayley

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