May 12

Hello again,

It was so much fun to be able to talk to you yesterday. I an happy that this time i didnt keep you waiting for hours like last time. It was alot of fun and it made me miss you all alot. But suprisingly there was not to much homesickness that stayed for a long time. SO that was good.

Well this week was a really cool week. Like i said, we had the baptism of marie clair on saturday and it was REALLY COOL! everything almost went off without a hitch. So it was good. She is going to make a Wonderful member. She even walked 2 hours to get to church on time yesterday (Next week a member will pick her up haha) So it really shower her faith because i dont know if i would have to will power to do that if i was in her situation. But i hope so haha./

Well other than that we had a good meeting with Franck, He really wants to gain a testamony of the Book of Mormon so we gave him the commitment to cut his video game time in half (from 4 hours a day to 2) haha and to spend some of that extra time reading his scriptures reading and praying about the book of mormen. So i think that maybe an email from christopher about how to quit video games would help him haha.

Hans and diego are doing well and they both are following the word of wisdom now. So now we just need to fix a baptismal date with them. Because lets face it, if they know that the word of wisdom is true then they know that the church is true. so now we just need to show them that and that they now need to take that knowledge and turn it into something, do pray for them.

This week we were able to see henry again (the crazy guy from Peru) and he brought his sister to the Lesson. His sister is this little peruvian girl about the size of amanda and she is completly normal, and very interested. She is “athiest” but believes in the virgin mary (a wierd catholic tradition) and so we are going to start teaching her now as well. Henry was kind of on one this lesson and he insisted that we take some of his peruvien paintings of matchu-pitchu haha they are pretty cool. They are rolled up like scrolls and like family herlooms, hehe so now i have one. it is cool but we felt really wierd taking them but he INSISTED!! he would not take no for an answer haha,

So i hope that you are all doing well. i am doing well. I pray for you every single day and i know that the lord answers for prayers so just know that whatever happens is the will of the lord.


Elder DayleyImage

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