April 21st


Wow i am now the age of a real missionary. haha This is going to be wierd now because now when i tell people how old i am they will no longer be suprised and say ” oh you are part of the ‘new generation’ ” i feel like i am losing a little part of my identity hagha. But in resonse to the age old question that everyone wants to ask now. It feels no different to be 19. I do think however that it is going to feel alot diferent to be 20. So that will be wierd. But this week to celebrate we went and ate at a mexican resteraunt on friday. it is called “bueno” And everyone is probably wondering why we didnt eat something french and that is because we are to busy eating french food everyother day of the week 😉 so there you go. The package was also GREAT! i will be set on snacks for a while and even better i can get really good at the Yo-yo> jaja SO thank you so much. I filmed me opening it but it is too long to send over Email so you will just have to wait until i send home another Memory card. Other than that we did not really do anything to celebrate. but it was still a wonderful day.

It is really cool to be a missionary during easter because we get to spend all day every day telling people about it ant my testamony of the resurection has grown so much during this time.

Other than that, this week was REALLY good. We had 5 investigators at church yesterday!! it was a wonderful birthday present. And they all said that they liked it. Marie-Claire even brought her 12 year old son and i am lucky that i brought some of my easter candy to church because i feel like he would not have liked it that much if i wouldnt have been slipping him candy the whole time. But ya Franck, hans, and Saul came as well and they all liked it. OH YA!! I forgot to tell you about Franck! So we had a lesson with him last thursday and it was AWESOME!! We just came right out and said ” of we are going to talk abou the B word today (Baptism) because he does not like talking about that becaue of some previous missionaries who were REALLY pushy. So we taught him about how baptism will help him to progress faster than anything else at this point and so he said that he is going to talk with his girlfriend (member) and his parents and chose the best date for him to be BAPTISED!!!!!!!! WOOP it will be so great because he has been taking lessons for almoset 8 months now and now he is actually Going to chose a Date!! so we are very Excited.

We also saw Hans this week and kind of had the same conversation with him and he said that he still does not feel ready to be baptised and so we told him straight up that we are going to teach him everything that he needs to know in order to be ready for baptism “By the book” and he aggreed to that. So things are going really well with him as well. and maire claire is still good for the 10 may so pray for these peopel that they will be ablt to continure to progress towards baptism.

Robertson is still struggling a little bit. But we are still able to see him once a week at least and he is keeping commitments and stuff but just has a hard time commmiting to baptism becase he does not feel like he would be 100% all in. so pray for him as well. Be has a date for the 10 of may as well but he has just has to decide to do it. So pray!

But ya other than that,, Not much else happened this week. It was a WONDERFUL week and i am very happy to be a missionarie at this time because the work is progressing and there is alot of cool things that are happening. And i know that if the lord can change the hearts of people in france then he can change the hearts of anyone. So dont evey lose faith even if your own testimony is struggling because the lord is a very patient person and even if it may be hard at this moment, he knows what is in store for you and that you will one day be able to stand in his presence with a firm faith and a pure heart. So dont EVER give up hope. You mean to much to heavenly father.

I love you all so much.
Elder dayleyImage

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