april 28th

Hello Family,

I just wanted to let everyone know that i loved the birthday stuff and wishes,

And that i really miss you.

THis was a GREAT week. As far as lesson taught goes, We taught 11 lesson which is one of the best weeks of my mission and they were All SUCH great ones. We found this new guy named Yves who is From Congo and who stopped us at the tram stopp and asked us if we could study the bible together.So we had a lesson with him at the church on wednesday and he is not the run of the mill african man who just bails on our lessons. HA he actually got there early and was very excited to hear about and see our church. So we gave him a church tour and he loved it.

This week there was also another Pretty cool Miracle that we saw. So we did exchanges this week with the district leader (elder Martin) and we were walking around doing some street contacting on our way to a RDV and there was the african lady who was carrying her groceries and a Really Heavy looking case of water bottles. so i asked if i could help, And the Word “Bottle” in french has always been hard for me to pronounce for some reason so i kind of hesitated and put an M in front of it./ So it sounded like “Mboti” and she kind of loooked at me wierd and then handed me the bottles so i thought nothing of it other than the fact that she was actually letting me help her haha. So we were talking  as we walked with her back to her appartment and she asked me how i knew how to speak her native language and i said “what do you mean” and she said ” well you said hello when you saw me in my language” and so it turns out that when i messed up the word for bottle she thought that i was saying hello to her in her lauguage which was the reason that she let me help her haha/ SO that was kind of a miracle and then after she said “i am looking for a church that is more alive than the catholic church” so we got her number and she said that she would love for us to come over and teach her about us haha. It was so cool and “The gift of Tongues” i guess haha”

But other than that. Mary claire Still on for the 10 of may and we taught her almost all of the commandments and she did not have a problem with a single one of them, The more we teach her the more i know how much the lord prepares people to recieve the gosple because i think that almost anyone could teach her and she would be baptised. Even someone who did not speak french and she would still accept ot. It is nuts. Franck is getting closer and closer to fixing a date with us. He has faith in christ now and so we are setting small goals that lead to baptism with him. And he is really trying. And As for hans, We taught him and his friend Diego the Word of wisdom this week and they both accepted Whole Heartedly to follow it. It was Amazing especially considering that Diego Only knows about the restoration and nothing else about the church. HE told us after that he wants us to come to his house to teach him more. So pray for these people because they are all so close to baptism but they just all need a little push.

I pray for you all every day. And the other day when the elders and i were sitting around the dinner table eating our sunday “mush” and yelling at eachother in inside jokes i thought of you haha.

I am truly living the mission of my dreams right now. I love it

elder dayley

The giant mechanic elephant here in nantes. that walks around; SUPER COOLImage 

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