March 31

Ma chère belle famille qui j’aime avec tout mon cœur,

vous me manques tous. J’ai hâte pour le jour quand vous pouvez venir et voir France et toute le belle chose ici. Vous allez l’aimer beaucoup.
There you go. Google translate it haha. Or maybe you have all become french masters now with our rosetta stone and you can read it “sans probleme” as the french say. haha

Well this week was a really cool week. We really dug our heals into the “easter finding{” this week and we able to have some really cool expierences. one night after we got done with a lesson we had some time to go and knock doors so we went and there was a man who answered who was not interested and so we asked him who he knew who would be, and he pointed immediatly to his neighbors hours just a little of the ways down the street. So normally in these situations we just wait until we get to that house and then just knock it like we would have anyways but for some reason this time we felt that we should go knock on it just right then, And when they opened the door it was this cute young family and they sais “wow how perfect, we were just about to put our kids to bed, Now you can come and pray with us just before they go to bed,. So we did and they were SUPER catholic and they did their little catholic prayers and songs ( it totally reminded my of when we used to sing everynight before prayer) and then we prayed. They were touched be our prayer and by the fact that we were here to serve the lord for 2 years. And so they actually invited us back over without us even having to ask. It was an amazing expierence. So we are going over there for a “cafe” this saturday. it will be a good chance to teach the word of wisdom haha. but that was cool. After that house we found 3 more people (2 of which were families) who were interested. So it was a night full of miracles.\

Other than that, the sisters here had a baptism of saturday and hans came!!! it was a really cool expierence for him,. He kept asking great questions likie “how long did she investigate the church before she was baptised” and others of that type. It was really cool. and i think that this wednesday we are going to re-invite him to baptism. so pray that he will feel ready to choose a date and to work towards that date.

But ya those were the highlights of this week. I am SUPER excited to general confeence. it feels seriously like last month that we had the last one.; i wish that you could all feel the excitement that goes around in the mission when it is about time for general conference. Just think about it. We have the opportunity to listen to a PROPHET OF GOD.. this is an opportunity that was unavailable to the world for 1820 years. that is crazy to think about. And we dont even need to leave our homes to do it. and after that . his words get sent to our homes be mail so that we can study them more fully. So i would highly invite you all to prepare to be spiritually fed by a fire hydrant and. I know that you will recieve all the guidence that you could ever need thanks to their words. So Listen carefully when they speak.

I love you all sop much and wish you all a happy conference!!!

elder dayley

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