april 7

Chere famille,

Well there were alot of emails this week. Which is a great problem to have but in consequence i am going to need to augment my time a little bit better. so this email might not be as as long as normal but i will try my best to put everything in that i can. haha

Well this week was very very cool and a week with a TON of growth. So i will talk about it in the actual sequence of events,.

So this week we were not able to see Hans because there was a confusion with the planning of it. So we will be seeing him tonight. but we are very excited because tonight will be the night were we ask him to be baptised again. so Say a little prayer that all will go well. We were able to see Franck this week abnd the Lesson was great, the spirit was strong as we taught huim about how to recognize answers to his prayers. And there was one of the young adults there to teach with us so franck was able to make a friend who is closer to his age, And, like always, having a member there helps with the lesson alot.

We were not really able to see many of our other investigators this week because of something that came up that needed our attention more. there was a less active member who was here from the united states who has lived here for a while. It is true that she has not made a lot of good choices in her life. But it broke my heart to see her in this situation. All in the same week she had her husband leave her with her 2 kids under the age of 3, Diagnosed with cancer, and kicked out of her appartment with a notice that she needed to be out in a week. so we went over to help her move. which took all friday afternoon and then all day saturday because of the lack of organization and the lack of moving trucks. So sadly that meant that we were not able to see the new catholic family that we found. But we did feel good that we were able to help this VERY desperate woman. It reminded me of the scripture that says that we are to give to the poor and needy and not say “this man has brought this on himself” for if we do say that then we will be held accountable at the last day. Because it is very true that this woman had made A LOT of bad decisions in her life but it was still out responsibility to help her and do our part. I tried with all my might to see her through god eyes as a truly broken woman who had no one else to turn to , one else who could help her, and a daughter of god. and That was a stong lesson to me that we do need to help all the people that we can no matter what. It is true that we should not give more than we are able to give. For god would not ask us to hive 100 dollares when all we had was 50. But i do think that if we have suficient for our needs then we should give the 50 and help someone out who was Trully in need. It was a great opportunity for my to learn.

Otherwise, Coference was GREAT!!! i hope that you all listened well to elder ballards talk and will be sending me what you are learning in preach my gosple from now on. And i WILL be “following up” as he said on it. haha I really loved the talk given by elder uchtdorf about gratitude. It is a lesson that i think is one that is nessissary for every one to learn.. Because i have seen that every single person on this earth has something hard that they are strugling with and this thing seems like it is the hardest thing in the world for them, And so if we can all have a attitude of gratitude then these situations wont seem so bad because look at all the good things that are happening. and as President monson and President Hinckly always say “Oh, it will all work out” . and i know that is true because god has made a plan called the plan of salvation with kingdoms of GLORY that await all of us after this life. So it will be a happy ending for everyone. and that is why god is so great.

So ya. dont for get that because it will really make any situaion that you are in bearable and then… Actually enjoyable. and one day something that you will even be greatful for.

I LOVE YOU ALL SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH, and i pray for you and think about you all the time. And i just want to thank you for all the good that you are doing and for all the service that you are giving. I know that you will be blessed and will one day cheer in gratitude for the trials that you are going through.

Elder Dayley

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