april 14


I am doing well this week. My comp and i have been working hard and been seeing the fruits of that. So that makes for a happy missionary 🙂
Well this week was AMAZING to say the least! There were so many little miracles that happened and they seemed to come with no explination at all. So i will Start from the beginning.

We taught hans on monday and it was a really good lesson. It was the first time that we taught him at his house (as we usually teach him at the church) and it went very well. We taught him all about faith, repentance, and baptism. He once again told us that he will be baptised when he feels more ready. So our plan with him for the future is to put all of our faith in Preach my gosple and teach him everything that he needs to know in order to be ready acording to what is taught from PMG and hope firmly on the things that it says. so pray for him that he will feel more ready as we continue to teach him.

We also went back to see a member named Pedro who is the one that brought Marie-claire to church last week (the one who wants to be baptised) and he told us about 4 more people that he wants us to meet. So we planned a family night at him house for this saturday that he is going to invite them to so that they can meet us and learn more about easter. So we are very very excited.

Also our lesson with Franck went very well. We also taught him about repentance and baptism and he had a “clicking” moment. He asked us “so will baptism help me progress faster then?” and we simply said “Yes” and then didnt say anything after that for a moment so that he could think. and he seemed to be thinking very hard about it. But he still wouldnt commit to a date. But he left with a very thoughtful spirit about him. so we are very excited to see him this week. so pray for him as well./

Yesterday was a cool day as welll. We went to go and see robertson and he told us that the main reason that he does not want to be baptised in this church is because sacrament meeting is too boring! HAHAHA and i wont say that he is wrong about that. but that should not stop him from being baptised. haha but our plan is to have him come to church and talk to the bishop about it and tell him his feelings and give some suggestions. So we are looking forward to that because the bishop is a champion so i think that he will be able to teach him in a good way. And he agreed to be baptised on the 10 of may with Marie-claire if he feels better about church then haha. So we will see what happens with that.

Well i love you so much!!! And i just wanted to invite you all to read Alma 11:41-45 and think about what the resurection means to you this week as you celibrate easter. What i love is something i learned from another elder this week. which is that, the resurection of jesus christ is the proof of his divinity. The fact that he lives is the proof that his whole mission was divine, that he really did suffer for our sins, and that we may all one day recieve all that he has recieved if we just simply follow his example and do all that he has taught. The fact that he lives means that one day we will al live. And that all those with disabilities of hardships in this live will be “Breath takingly beautiful” and will be once again in fully functional, perfect, and glorious bodies. This is why we celebrate easter. so think of this as you eat your nasty american chocholate and i will as well as i revel in french pastries 😉 Love you!!!

Elder Dayley

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