march 24

Chere famille et amis,

This weeks was a week that the lord reall gave me to make me more humble. There were alot of really good things that happened but also the things that happened that made me realize that no matter how hard that i work all of the things which happen after that are the lords will.

To Start off i will talk about the good things. We had zone conference this week which was AMAZING!!! the Assistants to the president told about the missions plan for easter. We will be doing “easter Egg Finding” haha that is just a clever name for the way that we are going to be doing door knocking, contacting and working more with the members. So one of the major changes that came from this was that up until the 20th of april president wants us to go through the neighborhoods that we will be knocking a couple of days before and put these easter flyers in everyones mail boxes which tell them that we will be coming by to present a message about easter,. So i think that we will have some cool things happen from that becase when people read them they will know that we are coming and that we are not the jehovahs wittnesses haha. So pray that we will be able to see success in progressing the work of salvation here in nantes. Also the next best part of this is that the week before easte president wants us to be at the members housed every day. And he said the the members need to invite a friend over as weill. So that is going to be awesome because we will be able to get to know the members better and also meet their friends. So i am really excited about that.

Another cool thing that happened this week was that Hans came to all 3 hours of church all on his own. and when he came he was there with one of his friends. (who speaks only spanish, so i am VERY VERY happy that i brought all my stuff from spanish class) and so his friends is going to come back next week to church and we are going to teach him after church. so pray also that i will be able to remember the spanish that i learned in highschool/. haha.

Also Yesterday we went over to see robertson after church and talked to him and he told us that he does not want to be baptised anymore and he said that the reason was because he felt like tea was not that big of a deal so he dosnt inderstand why god would ask us to not drink it. And also he has been talking with some evangelical pasters and they have been telling him that joseph smith only gave it as a counsle and that it is fine to drink coffee and tea becuase it dosnt say anything in the bible aboutit. So that was a hard thing to hear. but i am happy however becuase now we know more that his testamony is not as strong as we thought is was so we now have some very clear directions that we need to go in.

Other than that there was not anything big that happened. But i am very happy with he week because i learned alot and i can say that i did all i could to be a tool inbetween the lords hands in bringing his children back into his fold/ and that although i need to inprove ALOT!!! that god knows that i am trying my best and that i am improving every day.

I love you and i know that even during the hardest times in life you can find joy and light in every day and that the lord never intended for us to have to do anything alone. I know this is true because the lord has never left me alone and i know that he has never left you alone. We are all his little children and just like any parent, He will hold our hand as we learn to walk to path to eternal life and he will help us up when we fall.

Elder Dayley (esquire hah)

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