March 17

Ma chère famille et mes chères amis,

Merci pour toutes vos prier et pour toute les chose que vous faites pour moi.  Mais sur toute,  merci pour toute les chose que vous êtes en train de faire pour le seigneur.  il vous bénira pour avoir fait sa volonté
hello everyone i miss you all so much and i think about you all the time.   So far i have loved it here in nantes and there are so many cool people.  The way that the city works is just differernt than the way that vannes worked.  first of all there is a tram that takes us all over the city so we are on that often and so that means that there is time to talk to people all of the time whenever we are going everywhere.  Which is different than vannes where there were just not that many people on the bus and all the people that were on there were only on the bus for like one minute,  so that is cool.  But that also brings up the propblem that i discovered with myself which is that i am afraid to talk to these p[eople haha.  Since i am not used to it i get all anxious when i want to talk to someone.  So your prayers would be apreciated so that i can work towards my goal of talking to 10 people a day (outside of the normal Door knocking and “contacting”)  
Robertson is doing well.  He came to church this week and it was a little hard from him because his french is not very good so it was really hard for him to understand the people that were talking and he did not want us to translate for him.  So that was a little hard for him (at one point i saw him dozing off haha)  but other than that he is doing well.  We taught him some of the commandments this week and when we started the law of chastity he told us that in his home contry ( sri lanka)  if you even look at the wife before the marriage that you get beat haha so i dont think that he will have a problem with that.  We are teaching the word of wisdom tonight so i am excited to see how he responds to that.  
Hans is doing well.  We had a wonderful RDV with him and the spirit was CRAZY STRONG!!!  he said that he wants to come to all 3 hours of church now so that he can learn more.  So now we just need to get a baptismal date with him.  Also he refered us to one of his friends diego so we are going to start teaching him this week. So that has been pretty exciting.  
Other than that it was just a normal week.  I Really really like it here in nantes and i feel like since i have gotten here i have grown so much.  Even in just the 2 weeks that it has been.  
SO elder Connelly and i are actuall co-comps.  Which means that there is no sr. or jr,  comp.  Which actually makes it kind of hard sometimes because if our opinions differ we have to take some time and discuss it so that we both have a say.  But i KNOW that the skills that i am learning with him will help in marriage haha because we learn from the family proclamation that husband and wife are an “equal partnership”  and that they should work together in righteousness haha so i am very very greatful for this opportunity.  
The other two elders in the appartment are super cool as well and very hard working so there is a mutal hardworking spirit in the appartment that gets us all excited to go out and do our best.  The other elders names are elder Westwood and Elder Martin (who is the district leader).  And so it has been ALOT of fun being in here with all of them.
But y ai love you all SOOO much and i hopw that you have all made it a great week.  I know that no matter what is happening to you on the outside that you can still LOVE life and really have fun. That is the great thing about the atonement is that the lord suffered all of the pain of hard situations so that we can just focus on how we can grow from it and then put the pain on him.  So go out and make this a great week and really work hard to become a better person EVERY SINGLE MINUTE or EVERY DAY!!   haha  (super cheesy and missionary of me i know,  but hey ….. its the truth)
Elder Dayley
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