March 10

Chere famille,

Well this week was pretty crazy and actually kind of long.  I think that it just has to do with the fact that my body is trying really hard to adjust to the new situation.  BUT nantes is soooo sweet.  it is like 50 times bigger than vannes and there is alot more stuff to do.  My companions name is Elder Connelly.  He is pretty cool.  He has had a rough mission in his eyes up until now and i dont think that he likes it very much.  so it has been a little bit of a challenge motivating him to work hard.  But none the less we have been working very hard.; 
So this week when i got here on wednesday we went to a RDV right away with this guy named Robertson that the missionaries found about 3 or so weeks before i got here. He is from senigal (or however you spell it)  and he speaks english.  So we teach his in english. We wants really really badl;y to follow jesus christ.  So we went into this RDV and we gave his a blessing to help him overcome the temptations that satan has been putting in his life./  Afte the blessing the spirit was super strong so i just asked.  Well robertson,  You love jesus and the best way to show that love is to be baptised into his church.  we will be having a baptismal service on the 29 of march.  Will you prepare yourself for that day.  And he said YESSSSS!!!  haha so he will be getting baptised.  and that was just a wonderful way to welcome me to nantes haha because it was seriously like 2 hours after i got here.  so that was really cool.  He is super cool and loves reading the book of mormon and the bible.  He knows the bible Super well and so it is really easy to show him that our church is exactly that church that jesus christ organized. 
After that RDV we went to go and see that man named Hans,  He is from Peru.  and we watched the “finding faith in christ” movie with him.  the spirit was very strong again.  So i asked him if he would be baptised.  AND HE SAID YES!! haha he has not committed to a date yet but i think that we will try and fix one with him this wednesday when we see him.  So pray for him as well as Robertson.  So ya that was a SUPER good first day here in nantes.  
I will say however that i REALLY miss vannes.  The Branch there was just like my family and when i came to church this week here i just looked around and missed all the wonderful members from vannes.  So that has been a little rough.  But i know that i will develope a love for these members here as well.  There are about 2 times as many members here so that is new and we also have our own chaple.  The one in vannes was just in a buisness park.  So ya.
Also i need you to all pray for this man named Frank.  He is another progressing investigator and he is really struggling to see how jesus christ helps him in his life.  And he says that if he can get to the point where he has a testimony of jesus then he will be baptised.  So he needs some prayers.
But ya that is about if for this week.  I love you all so much and pray for you all the time.  so i hopw that you are doing the same for all the wonderful people here in france.
Avec amour,
Elder Dayley
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