March 3


That probably dosnt mean anything to you but it is a big city about 2 hours from vannes so not to far.  But it is a 4 man apartment with a sister companionship there so there are a total of 6 missionaries in tha one city.  I am really excited but i am also very sad to have to say goodbye to everyone here.
But this week was a pretty long week.  With the fact that transfers were coming up and the fact that the last 4 days were slow it just turned into a long week.  but that was good because it gave me plenty of time to think about stuff.  And a lot of time to think about what our Amis needed,  
But one of the really cool things that happened this week was when we went back to go and see this guy named tony and his daughter who we found porting.  We walked into his house and were able to just feel that he loved having us there.  Then he went on to tell us that he had been waiting for a sign to tell him that it was time that he changed his life and that when we knocked on his door it was his sign.  The spirit was so strong as he told us his back story about how he had been into drugs and beating people up and stuff like that and that he had also been divorced that that his wife is a little crazy and so it is really hard for him to let his kids go over to her house.  And it was just so powerful as we testified of that love that christ has for him and how he can take that pain away from him and help him feel freed from all his sins.  At the end of the RDV his daughter started to cry because she had to go to her moms house the next day and i just looked her strait in the eyes and testified that god will listen to her if she prays and that he can help her.  She is about 8 and i think it was one of the first times in her life that she had heard something like that.  So she told us that she would pray and he said that they would pray everynight before she went to bed.  About 30 minutes he just sinply sent us a text that said “Merci”,  So i am so excited for him to be able to feel the atonement work in his life.  
But ya the lemoins are doing well.  The sisters teach Adele now because she was just starting to close off to us because she didnt want to do any of the things that we said.  And it was hetting hard to teach her just because she was getting to comfortable with us.  So that is why they are teaching her.  But for the moment she is still not progressing.  But melissa came to church again this week which was amazing because ludo said that when she comes to church she just becomes so much more respectful/  So i know that it is a really good thing for her to do,
So i am really happy to hear that things are going well there.  I really really miss you and i pray for you all every single night.  So just know that.  I know that this gosple is a gosple of happiness and it will be only through trying your hardest to live its principles and by keeping the commandments that you will be about to feel the most happiness.  Especially at the times when it seems the hardest to do that.  So never forget that.  I LOVE YOU
je vous aime tous!!!
Avec amour,
Elder Dayley
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