feb 24

Chere Famille,

Well this week was one of the weeks on my mission where i think that i have grown the most.  I am really thankful that the lord is sometimes willing to let us expierence the hard times so that we can grow. haha
It was pretty cool,  we met this lady last monday night who walked up to us after we missed our bus and said “are you mormons?  i saw a news report on you and i have some questions.  you can bring your book and we can discuss it at a cafe .”  so that was pretty dang cool haha it was the second time that someone just came up and asked to be taught.  Her name is cloie.  so we are meetine with her tonught and we will teach her.  
So the lesson that i learned this week goes along with the last two weeks.  So you know from my last two weeks letters that we have been finding people like crazy here,  and it has been really cool.  Well,  this week (sadly)  we had 4 of our investigators tell us that they did not want to see us anymore. we were only able to see one of our investigators this week and  Also,  we had a movie night at the church where we watched Ephriums rescue and we were really excited because we had like two of our investigator families who said that they were coming and non of them showed to that.  And we did not have any of our investigaors at church.  The reason that i am telling you this is not so that you feel bad.  But just to explain the lesson that i learned.  And it was just the fact that the lord showed us that this work is in his hands.  I learned that,  even thought elder ericson have been being obedient and working hard,  that he is capable of giving us alot of success and is also capable of taking it away.  And i am very happy that i was able to learn this because i was getting kind of prideful and thinking that i was just really good at finding people and that missionary work was just easy.  And i know now that as missionaries,  and as children of god,  we have everything that we have thanks to the lord.  and that without him we would have nothing.  I think that this week has been one of the best weeks of my mission just because of the powerful lesson that it brought.  
I like to hear that the ward is doing that missionary month again.  I remember when we did that and connor bush was my comp and i loved it.  It is so much fun to be a missionary and i now that i am on a mission i can honestly say that those types of activities helped prepare me.  Also it is really good to get used to teaching “fake” investigators like that because we do that A LOT as missionaries haha.  
But ya that is about all that happened this week.  Melissa finally came to church so that was a blessing,  And she went to the young women activity!! which is a big step for her.  so yep,  I hope that all is well at home because i pray so hard for you all every night. 
I love you al soooo much.
Avec amour,
Elder Dayley
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