kolby January 27

Dear family,

Well this week we saw a TON of miracles.  to start off,  on wednesday or so we recieved a referral from church headquarters for a guy named Yannick taumata that was from his cousins in tahiti that said that they wanted us to go and visit him.  so we did and when we got there and started talking to him we found out that he was actually a member.  He had not been to church for a VERY long time though and was living with his girlfriend.  They are SO incredibly nice and so we taught them about the restoration and nothing was ringing a bell with this guy haha./  He didnt even remember the name Joseph Smith.  So i think that the last time that he went to church must have been when he was a little kid.  but His girlfriend is interested and so we will be going over there again on saturday so see them and it will be interesting because we will basically be teaching (reteaching) them the gosple.  
the second one was another referrall that we got from the members.  This one came from the same family that gave us Jean-Sebastien.  It is another family from Tahiti named the Mahaa’s/  We stopped by there house and said that we were there on the part of the members and they gladdly invited us in.  They have been seeing the Jehovahs wittnesses for a while and so we will have some work to do.  but they said that they want to know why their friends changed so much after they got baptised and so we will be there again this next sunday.
But ya we were able to see Jean-sebastian this week again and it was a pretty good RDV But once again he did not say yes the Baptismal invite but this time he said “i want to,  but i want to stay catholic”  so he just needs some time and needs to come to church some more.  
That is about it.  And this next week will be super busy because we are going up to zone conference in paris one tuesday and wednesday then coming back. 
Buit i love you all.  And i PRAY PRAY PRAY for you every single day. i miss you and am a little worried about how you are all doing.  So you are continually in my prayers.
Elder Dayley
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