kolby February10

Bonjour toute le monde!! 

Well this week was AMAZING!!!
There are just sooo mant miracles that we were able to see.  It was another sad week though with our current investigators because they are all dropping off the face of the planet.  so that has been hard because i KNOW that they all felt the spirit but for now i guess that the commitment of conversion is just too hard for them at the moment,  but anyways ON TO THE MIRACLES
So on tuesday we had Elder Ericsons legality which meant that we needed to go back to paris.  And so mondaywe had the choice to either go sleep in a city near paris (because we had to be there at 930 am)  or to take a train which left at 430 in the morning so that we could got to paris on time.  so i decided that since we were out of our area so much last week that we better just take the early train and go Knocking that night.  So that is what we did.  And in the 3 hours that we spent knocking that night we found 2 new investigators.  one for the sisters who was this lady that said “it is PERFECT that you are here because i just saw a news report on mormons( it was not a good news report and has been causing us ALOT of trouble)  And i have SO many questions.”  so we talked to her for about 20 min and answered her questions and bore testamony and she said that she would love to hear our message!! so  that was cool. and the other one is this man named Traoré  who is a Video game tester who has been searching for the truth all his life. WOW so it was a great night and a blessing that we recieved from the lord for putting his work before our sleep haha
Then just last night we had another night FULL of knocking doors.  And i felt impressed to go out to Questembert which is about 30 min away.  and so we went out there and we needed to teach 2 lessons in the 2 hours that we had in order to reach our weekly goals.  Which as far as porting for 2 hours goes is a high demand.  so about the 5th door in this woman answered and said “WOW I HAVE NEVER HAD AN AMERICAN AT MY HOUSE BEFORE!! ”  so she let us in and there was a family of 6 in there.  So they let us in and we talked and it turned out that they were actually Really interested in our message, not just the fact that i am an american haha.  So we set up another RDV with them for next sunday and just as we were leaving they said ” wow why do we all feel so good right now”,  so after we continued to knock.  and as the time passed we were getting closer and closer to the time that we had to leave.  so the LAST DOOR in the neighborhood came and we walked up.  IT was a SUPER sketchy house.  But we knocked anyways.  and this 23 year old answers the door and says “ya why not i will listen”  so we were able to teach him and get a Follow up RDV also for next sunday.  So it was just so cool to see that as we prayed for the specific goal to be able to teach 2 lesons and to help bring those people back into the lords flock we were able to live the blessings.  and even though it was a high goal.  we acomplished it because we never lost faith,  even until the last door.  
So ya that was great.  It was a week full or miracles.  something else kind of funny that happened was that i got to go do some contacting in paris while elder ericson was at the prefecture and me and Elder cox ( the guy i exchanged with)  contacted this man and he said ” i am gay.  and i HATE YOU” haha it was pretty funny.  elder cox and i just walked away and said alright have a great day and then when he was out of ear shot we both just started laughing.  
But ya i love you all.  Go and expect the miracles and they will come.
Elder Dayley

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