kolby February 3

Ma Chere Famille,

Well this week was a Crazy week haha to say the least.  It was a very bad week as far as missionary work goes just because we were in paris for like 4 out of the 7  days,
First i will start out with the first trip.  We got to go up to on wednesday,  ( we slept there tuesday night as well)  But ya we had elder kearon of the 70 come and do a mission tour.    the conference was Amazing.  He basically just stood up there and guided a conversation with the whole room and everyone was able to make comments and share expierences.  And i think that everyone left the conference with a huge list of things that they would try and do better in the comming weeks.  So it was great.  It was also cool because i was able to see all of the people from my MTC district again.  All four of them who came to the paris mission were there.  Elder Tidwell was there and was doing alright haha.  he has not had english comp yet and his french is the best so i feel kind of bad for him because he told me that they just dont talk much at all./
But then the second trip to paris was so that i could get an MRI on my head to see why i have been so dizzy and having headaches all the time.  And it was a very interesting response because after i had gone up to paris three times in the last 2 weeks the only thing that this doctor could tell me was that i was stressed haha./  So when i called the mission docor to tell her what the results were she was like ” i dont think that he is right”  so now i am going to see and ENT doctor to see if there is something that she called a “Stone”  in my inner ear that is causing all this.  
As for the missionary work in vannes.  It was a pretty dificult week/  We had nearly all of our RDVs cancled for some reason of another.  so we did ALOT of door knocking.  And there were a few people who we were able to talk to and 2 people who let us in so there was some success there but so far we have not been able to see any of them again because they were not really that interested in the message.  So it was pretty dificult./  But from what i know about hard weeks on the misison is that there is usually a good week that follows not to shortly after so we are just pushing through the best that we can.  
So ya that is about it for this week.  I am very happy to hear that you all got to fly in a privat jet.  And INCREDIBLY jealous about that.  It has always been my dream to do that because it is like even better than first class.  Although i am sure that the flight to St george is only about 20 minutes long.  But still that was probably a pretty cool 20 min.  
I love you all and hope that you are all doing well.  This week the thing that i think the lord was testing me on is my ability to stay happy even in the face of a dificult week.  It was a very important thing for me to realize because just having the knowledge that i am being tested makes me all the more motivated to be cheerful and to overcome it.  I think that everyone in one point or another will have to learn how to di this because lets face it,  Life is REALLY hard some times.  And so my challenge to you this week is to take the opposition that you feel and put it in the lords hands and show him what you  will do in the face of a dark time.  Or even just a hard day at work or school.  
love you so much.
Avec Amour,
Elder Dayley (esquire) 
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