kolby february 17

Mes Cheres Amis et famille,

This week was another pretty cool week.  I had felt like i had hit a wall in my progression with my french so this week i decided to speak only french 100% of the time.  So that was really a cool expierence.  My comp continued speaking english but i told him to correct me if i made mistakes.  But ya i feel like i made so much progress and definitly got passed the wall.  now that the week is over i find myself thinking in french and i will start talking to my comp or the other english speakers and i will just speak french.  Which is WIERD!!  haha i have been dreaming in french sometimes .  so i think that i am officially at that point in my french.  so ya haha
This week was a great week again.  We found three new families this week which means about 4 new investigators and about 6 potentials.  It is so cool to see the lord opening up all these doors for us.  (quite litterally i might add haha)  But it makes me so excited because even though i will not really be in vannes to see all these people progress in the gosple i will still get to hear news from the other missionaries that are teaching and be happy that elder ericson and i were thought worthy enough to find these people.   so that has been really really cool,
This week we taught Traore which was great.  We got in there and he said that he got his answer to his prayer and that he knew the church was true.  So we gave him the baptismal invitation and the spirit was super strong.  BUT then he said that he also asked if he should be baptised and his answer was no.  He thinks that if he gets baptised then he will not be able to be a good influence on others because they will just think of him as a missionary for his church and not a person. so we have a little obstacle to jump with him. So pray for him because he is ready haha.
Also we went back yesterday to see that family that we found last sunday.  The family Bitous.  And the RDV went great.  The spirit was again very strong and they said that we could come back any time and that they will read the book of mormon.  So we will see them again this saturday.  
But ya HAPPY VALENTINES DAY everyone.  It was not nearly as cool as a missionary because it is just elder ericson and i.  And alot of people were not home so we did not have any RDVs so that meant just knocking haha but it was not a bad night.  We did not have every door slamed in our face and we had some good discussions with some people haha.  But ya elder ericson did what we could to celebrate.  
What i learned this week was that even though times get really tough sometimes.  There is always a wave of light that is coming.  That the lord he gives us hard times to see what we will do.  And if we will stay faithful/  And when we do,  there is always many blessings that come after.  That that goes for everyone.  And the best part is,  is that god has made a way so that even during the hard times it can still be great.  And that is what the atonement is all about.  Jesus suffered for all of our pains so that when those hard times come he knows exactly how to help us.  and he is just waiting for you to go to him.  and i KNOW from expierence that when you go to him he will lighten your burdens even so you wont be able to feel them anymore
Elder Dayley
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