January 6

Salut ma famille!!

Well this week was not much as far as busy-ness goes but it was still a great week even considering that.  We had a “Half day” on tuesday and went over to the branch presidents house for new years eve and that was really really fun.  It was us and the sisters there and we just had fun.  We played UNO with the kids and then ate a DELICIOUS dinner!  No snails and oysters this week haha  we had Duck and a really good french salad.  ( not much special about it but the vinigarette was OFF THE HOOK!!)  haha and then on wednesday we had 2 “mangez-vous”  with the members but even with that we spent about 7 hours total of the day at the appartment just relaxing so that was actually kind of nice,  Then thursday we went up the rennes for our District meeting so we werent back into vannes until about 4 and then the next day was exchanges haha and after that we had weekly planing on saturday/  So we did not have alot of time to see or teach people.  We were not able to see the lemoines this week which was really wierd because we have seen them multiple times a week ever since i got here.  But they are still doing well.  Adele found some work at a school and so that has been helping her a bunch.
BUT this week may not have been busy but the RDVs that we had were AMAZING!!  we met with Gregory again who is the man that we found Knocking and it was soooo good.  We taught him that Gosple of Jesus Christ lesson and he just seemed to Get it!  so we gave him the soft baptismal invitation and he said yes but he is just not ready and so we are seeing him again on tuesday and we are looking forward to it with High hopes!!  it was so spiritual and at one point in the lesson i started crying so it was pretty crazy haha
Then we saw this man named Jean-Sebastian who is a Member Referall and the member that refered us to him was there and was AMAZING!! haha the members name is Frere Mikeal Farigo and he is super cool.  But we taught the restoration and when we shared the Joseph Smith story he was like ”  wow i have never heard this before”  with the meaning that it he would have heard this story eariler then maybe he would not have been catholic haha So that was super cool.  We cant see him again until saturday But we are sure that it will be a great lesson and we are planning on inviting him to baptism.  So pray for him and gregory that they will have a baptismal date soon
But ya cool things that i ate this week was Foi gras  with just means duck liver and it was actually not too bad.  And also we ate some fig jam which was really really good as well!  
I am happy to hear that things are going well at home because i pray my guts out for you all every single day. 
Je vous aime avec toute mon coeur! 
Avec amour
Elder Dayley
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