january 20


Hi everyone back at home.  This week has been a great week but not many huge things happened.   But there were still some events that you should all know about so that is what i will talk about haha.  
So i will start off by the sad one.  So we saw that guy that stopped us at the bus stop last week again and we met him at the church.  So we sat down and we found out sadly that he had not read the book of mormon and that he had never had any intention of reading it because he said that it would be against his faith in the bible to read any other book.  So that was too bad.  But as the RDV went on he told us that he had looked on our site on the internet and said that we worship joseph smith more than we worship jesus christ.  So we bore Powerful testamony that jesus and heavenly father were the only ones who we worshiped and the spirit helped us out so much because after we said that he didnt talk about that ever agian. Then he told us that he wanted to see us actually so that he could testify against us at his church and so he was not searching with real intent and he had those terrible poisenous filters over his eyes that were just searching to faults and not truths.  So we told him that we arent going to call him anymore and that when he is serious about learning how to expierence the FULLNESS of the gosple to give us a call.  But we left on good terms so that i think that one day he will come back to the missionaries and have a changed heart.
This week we also had the suprise of being able to see Jean-Sebastien again.  We thought that we were not going to be able to see him until This coming saturday but We called him again and he had an opening so we saw him last week and watched the Restoration movie with him because he loves watching movies and the spirit was SOO STRONG  and there were not interuptions so that was great.  We committed him to pray about joseph smith and he said that he would so that was good.  He also came to church again and LOVED it. haha he said actually that he Adored it so it was really good haha.  
Other than that we have started seeing laurent again and we are trying our best to help him out of this dark hole in his life and once again helping him to quit smoking and drinking.,  It will be really hard for him because he is a chain smokier and cannot go even three hours without a ciggarett let alone a few days.  so we are praying and teaching how to use the atonement to help him.  so that had been going well.
So ya there are a few other peopel that we have been seeing but nothing really big happened with them this week. But It was a great week and i found out today that i will be staying in Vannes for one more transfer so that means only six more weeks. which will fly by.  So ya i love you all and i pray for you every day.
Elder Dayley
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