january 13


Well this week was a pretty great week full of new expieriences.  
Last week on tuesday i think it was we had this guy names Armel come up and talk to us and we taught him the restoration just at the Train station.  It was a decent lesson,  he had tons of questions and Is extremly catholic so he was sort of listening to challenge us.  But at the end he said that he would read to book of mormon and pray about it.  But he also said that we needed to come with him to catholic “Adoration”  Which was a pretty strange expierence for me haha  it was just of friday that we went.  What is adoration you ask?  Well it is where you go into this tiny room and pray and look at this candle stick thing with a little waffer on top and he told me that to those who believe,  the waffer is Jesus Christ LITTERALLY.  So it was kind of strange for us,  we sat in there for about 20 minutes and  just kind of felt uncomfortable.  But after wards he said that he wants to see us again so that was good.  But we definitly need to work really hard on helping him to feel the spirit.
We also saw Gregory this week on Saturday night and the RDV went well.  He told us that before he gets baptised he needs to re-read the Bible and read the book of mormon.  so he may not be getting baptised while i am still here.  But the spirit was really strong and i think and hope that he will really do that and prepare himself to be baptised because he is ready.  So you could pray for him this week and that would be great.  We were kind of dissapointed though because his dad will be in town for the next 3 weeks and he is not at all interested in meeting us, So we might not be able to see him for a while.
Then for Jean-sebasien we saw his again and taught some of the Plan of salvation lesson and it was great as well.  he said no for now to the baptismal invite but we think that it is because he is afraid of what others will think of him if he is Mormon.  But HE CAME TO CHURCH!!! so that was great.  It has been a while since we have had our investigators at church so it was Great!!
But ya other than that we have been seeing alot of Less actives and trying with our might to turn our Potential investigators into Real investigators and also to meet these people that the members have been telling us about.  so we are excited to see  what happens this week!!!
so ya that was about it for this week.  My comp and i are getting along great and having alot of fun together.  I think that our relationship is Alot better to me than it is to him just because all the pety disasgreements that we have are nothing compared to the ones that elder payet and i had haha so i have been really enjoying it 🙂  
I love you all and hope that you have a great week and find a chance to strengthen someone elses faith
Avec Amour,
Elder Dayley
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