kolby December 9

Chere Famille,
wow this was a BIG week for me!  so i will start of with the lesser news,
So saturday we had melissas baptism!!!!!! it was so great! she was able not to smoke and stay ready so we were so happy.  elder payet did the baptism and i got to participate in the comfirmation for her.  i will send pictures,  it was just so cool to think that now she is a member and has the holy ghost,  and that now she will forever be in the eyes of the church!  it was so amazing to see that happe.  and this all stems back to the rainy day that we went puddle jumping because we were so unseccessful that night that the next time it was raining like that we stayed inside and called the old investigators in the area book/  one of which was david who lives just next to the lemoins and so when we went to go see him and he was not there we thought “:  there is a reason that we are here and it is not David,”  so we went to the lemoins and taught adele and melissa and that was the day that she said that she wanted to be baptised!  All of the excitment but most importantly the start of melissas life as a member all stems from the rainy day haha!  Wow god works in mysterious ways.
And the second news….. I am TRAINING!!! AHHHHH that means that i could possibly have someone with me who does not speak french and it will all be up to me now to have all the answers.  the assistants called us yesterday to tell me that during MY last day of training!  i am pretty nervous but i am also very excited haha,
Anyways other than those 2 pretty exciting things this week was pretty slow haha,  we saw a few of our investigators but spent most of the week preparing melissa for her baptism>  so ya it was pretty fun
I cant believe that it has already been a year since devins surgery! that flew by,  and look at how far we have all come>  especially devin who went from laying in a hospital bed sleeping 24/7 to walking with a cane!!! That is alot of progress in just 6 months.  wow.  every time i think about all of the things that have happened this last year i cant help but see how much god helped us.  sometimes it is easy to lose faith in times of trial like this because we get used to god helping and become the “fish who dosnt know he is in water”  haha but seriously!  it is miraculous
But thats about it for this week>  i have mixed feelings about elder Payet leaving because through all of our pety arguments we have actually grown quite close haha.  it is wierd how that works sometimes.  but i am excited to see what my Bleu has in store for me 😉  
I dont know what time i will be skyping yet>  we still have not found someones house who we can do it at yet but it will probably be in the evening here so around noon your time!  something like that,  but i am EXTREMLY excited to see everyone!!!!! 
Well i love you all,
Avec amour,
Elder Dayley
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