Dec. 30

Bonjour ma tres chere Famille!

I just want to start off by saying that our  skype was THE FASTEST HOUR OF MY WHOLE LIFE!!!  it was so great!  there were some times when i got close to crying but that was just because i love you all so much.  Haha but Elder ericson and i were able to recover so we are good now.  

So christmas was just insane and there was not as much good food as i thought there would be,  The food that everyone eats here for christmas is Escargot,  Oysters,  Clams,  And Craw-dads.  haha for christmas eve we were at the Thizons house.  they are an older couple who dont have any kids at the house anymore so they invited us and the sisters over (which is only allowed on christmas)  but they made this 9 course meal which consisted of all the things above,  a main dish which was like this beef stew thing,  and then like 12 deserts haha/  it was a very very interesting meal,  the snails were not too bad but the Oysters were pretty bad because they hadnt been cooked in any way or seasoned in anyway haha it was a now expierence,  the whole meal lasted about 3 hour.  then for christmas day we went over to the Bouakas house and ate another long meal and watched the first half of Brave in french but then had to go over to another members house to do skype.  So it was a pretty crazy day.

But i Loved all the things that you guys got me!  i hope that you have gotten my letters by now.  It wasnt much of a gift but that was the most reasonable thing to do considering that i dont have any money to send a nice package haha.  My comp and i have been eating SOOO much chocholate so i am greatful that you filled my stocking with other sweets haha 

But now to the other Great news.  So we found this man named Gregory about two weeks ago when we were carolling and he invited us back for another RDV and that was last thursday  and it was AMAZING!!!  He is perfect.  he asked the perfect questions at the perfect time.  He would ask a question like “So what exactly did joseph smith restor because if all he did was start another church like the catholic one then it was all for nothing”  and then we would be like ” well lets turn the page and see one of them (and the BOM would be on that page)”  and then we said ” he actually restored the true knowledge of where we came from,  why we are here and where we will be going after this life.  can we come back and teach you about these things?” and he was like ” OF COURSE!! I am available next saturday”  haha so it was an amazing lesson>  My comp and i left just looking at eachother saying “What just happened”

But ya i hope that you all had a great christmas as well and i want a letter from everyone in the family in response to my letter that i sent out haha So get on that Family 🙂  

Now we just get to look forward to out RDV with Gregory this saturday after he gets back from vacation and see what happens>  so pray for him that he will be ready to accept the Baptismal invite this second lesson because he seems to understand that you need the priesthood to be able to do it>  so now he just needs to be prepared by the lord to accept it>  Also pray that he will accept the invite to come to church because he feels like there are too many “Sunday Catholics” and so he feels like church is not necissarty to be a good Christian.  So ya 

Je vous Aime,

Elder Dayley

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