dec. 23

Chere famille,

I am so STINKING excited to see you in just two days,  i will be skype calling mom first and then if that deos not work then i will do dads,  i am still not quite sure exactly what time i will be calling but i assume that you will be at the house until about one like usual so just be waiting!!! i am SOOOOO excited.  i have been getting worried though because one hour is not that long and then i will have to be like ” well bye until mothers day”  and then probably cry or something like that haha>  but luckly the guys house we will be at has the coolest two year old in the world so i will just play with him>
THis week has been a great week.  you saw the pictures from the Zone conference.  that was a blast.  we got to stay the night in paris the night before with elder tidwell and that was fun catching up.  he told me all about the paris areas and how they are just UNBELIEVABLY successfull>  haha it is not fair becase here in the part of france that i am in the people are alot more closed and so when i heard that he has 9 baptismal dates right now i was just astounded compared to our 0. but i understand.  i can honestly say that we have been working as hard as we can.
So this week about half of our investigators just told us that they wouldnt be able to see us until january so we did ALOT of door knocking.  but it has been alot more fun because we are not carroling and just this week we trippled the total amount of doors that i have gotten let into and we found a few new people to start teaching>  so it was a very successful week.
We were not able to see melissa but she is still doing well.  we say ludo and he said that she has stopped asking him for cigarretts since her baptism and so that is great.  as for him he is working very hard to quit.  he is down to about one cigarrett overy two days or so.  So maybe he will be able to get the priesthood before i leave!!!! YAY that would be so cool.  And as for adele.  she told me that FOR SURE she would come to church this week but when sunday came there was no Adele in sight,  She was having a hard day and woke up very depressed so it was understandable.  it is sad because they are really poor and so ludo told me the other day that they wont be getting anything for christmas 😦  it made my heart hurt for them because they already have a hard family enviornment and so now christmas day will just be that much less special for the kids,  
As for me and my comp.  we are Really getting along.  he has a REALLY hard time doing contacting so we have been sticking with Knocking doors but he is progressing.  we are both really pushing eachother to be the best missionaries that we can be.  so it has been great.
Well thats about it.  we will be seeing laurent tonight and i hope that he is not drunk again, haha but i guess we will see.  
I love you sooooo mucgh and will see you guys in 2!!!\
Avec amour,
Elder Dayley
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