Dec. 16

Chere Famille,

Well i dont have much time this week because we have to leave today to go up to paris for zone conference.  we will be staying the night in St. Ouan with my comp from the MTC so i am excited for that.
But this week was pretty stinking long haha>  My “Son”  is named Elder Ericson and he already speaks pretty good french so i am glad that i dont really have to worry about that.  He still makes alot of mistakes but that is normal so i am just there to help him to refine his skills.  he is very quite which is hard for me sometimes because i am the type who just likes to talk about EVERYTHING. haha but i am happy becauise it means i have an opportunity to grow to live around yet another personality type>  he served in Maryland for about three weeks waiting for his Visa so that king of crippled his for france so needless to say he has been pretty discouraged this week to find that we do alot of finding.  also it did not help that this week about half of our amis told us that they cant see us until after the holidays haha But i think that it will be good for him to start off on a hard time so that when the good times come he will enjoy them that much more.
It has been a dificult switch for me from the Trainie role to the trainer role.  i will catch myself almost say ” ok what should we do in this situation”  but then i realize that i am the trainer so i am supposed to know.  but i have been praying A LOT so that has been helping.  
Melissa is doing well.  we taught her the importance of reading the scriptures the other night and Ludo told me that he saw her laying in her bed with D&C open just sleeping haha,  so that made me happy.  It was really hard for her and Adele to say goodBye to elder Payet because he had been here for about 6 months,  They both SOBBED!!  it was really sad actually>  but they are doing better now.  He got transfered to Angers which is about 2 hours from here by train so melissa told me that she is going to go up there some sunday for church so that she can see him haha.
Adele is still not softening up haha but she has still been doing missionary work>  whenever she has friends over she invites them to go to church with ludo haha so it is cool<  They are mostly single women though so they are referals for the sisters haha
But my tiny request for this week is to pray for my comp that he wont be so discouraged and also to pray for us that we will be able to find some people to teach and see some miracles his first transfer here because he seemed VERY sad last night after 2 hours of Door knocking.  so he needs some prayers 
I AM SO STINKING EXCITED TO SEE YOU ALL NEXT WEEK!!!! we found a house that we can do it at and we will have about an hour.  So i want everyone to prepare a brief ten minute talk to give to me during that………………..Just kidding haha AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH i am so excited>  ane actually it looks like it will be a little earlier like maybe around 700 Am your time haha i hope that it is not too early!  that is the only time that we will be able to do it.
But anyways,  i LOVE you all so much
Avec amour,
Elder Dayley
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