Dec. 2

I left ALLLL the errors in on purpose.  (and the word Miwion is NOT an error, haha!  it’s a family joke!)
Chere famille,
Well this week i did not get a computer with the ability to switch over to an English keyboard so i dont know how long my patience will last with the delete button haha!
But this week was just great:  it was another kind of difficult week but there were alot of miracles.
I will start off with melissa.  her baptism is still on for this saturday assuming that she does not smoke this whole week:  so i am really excited for that:  it will be all way up in rennes at 10 00. so that will be a fun morning to get up to rennes on time haha:  but it will be great:  She is ready.
Adele is not being verry supportive at all.  we asked her from the start if it was ok that she got baptised and she said yes but as it gets closer she is starting to say things like “i think that she is just a little too Young” or doing other things like whenever melissa tells us that she can quit smoking adele will laugh as if to say “ya right”  but even though there is this oposition right now i know that melissa can do it: 
As for laurent;  we went to see him the other day and he said that he is budist now and that he was going to do that.  but we told him that we were still going to come by and help him quit drinking and smoking:  and he agreed so we will see what happenes.
Thanksgiving was a ton of fun:  we went up to rennes and had our district meeting and then we ate.  we had to eat chicken because you just cant seem to find a turkey around here haha but it was still very good.  the couple missionaries made somo homemade stuffing that was really good and then everyone made their own meat and briught another dish (we brought the salad)  then after we played this game called loue-garoue.  it is a french game that is kind of like mafia but it is so much better;  there are like a miwion different charecters with different powers.  i need to buy it zhile i am here becaude i know that you will love it.
This week we got let into a house for MY FIRST TIME!!!! yay haha it is crazy to think that because we go door knocking all the time but no one ever actually lets us in;  normally it is just a lesson on the porch.  but it was this super drunk evangelical guy and a jamacan.  we talked about the atonement and they said that we said exactly the same words that they said right before we knocked on the door so they took that as a sign that we were men from god and we got both their numbers and they both said that they wanted to see us again:  so that was a little miracle.
But ya thats about it for this week.  i am so excited because they turned on all the lights in centre ville so contacting at night is just magical now haha:  i will send pictures of that as well as of our awesome Christmas tree/
I love you all.
Avec amour;
Elder Dayley
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