November 24

Chère Famille,

Mom your spelling of comment allez vous was almost perfect but it is Allez and not allé.  this week was wierd,  it was a good week but just a little disapointing at some points in time.
We will start with the good.  melissa is preparing well for her baptism.  she starts today on just smoking 1 cigarret a day.  she has been only smoking 2 fot the last four so it is great.  We went over the baptismal questions with her and she asked ” so why do they do this?”  and we said ” to see if you are ready to be baptised” and she said” so what happens if the guy says no.? ”  and us “you will have to wait until you are more ready”  and her” well i better learn the answers well then”  haha it was great.  she is hard to teach sometimes becaise like any 12 year old she LOVES to watch reality TV and it is hard to get her away from them but i am hoping that now that she is getting a feel for how important the lessons are for before her baptism that she will take them more seriously.
As for adele,  She is still at a stand still.  we still are reading with her and trying to explain the gosple principals to her as simply as we can but it is like teaching a child haha becauise she has never had any schooling and she cant read so we have to explain and re-explain things like that book of mormon and the bible are not the same book and that the bible is written be different people,  but she is still making progress.
Laurent….. ah he is being dificult.  we went to his apartment last monday and he was just super drunk and super high and he said that his relegion is Zen and asked if we wanted our “bible” back.  so we have just given him this week off to let him get humble again and they we will start seeing him again.  it was pretty disapointing to see him like that after all the progress he has made.  but hey everyone makes their own choices.
Other than that this week was pretty dull haha we did some finding and planted alot of seeds.  I am getting alot more comfortable with french that i feel like i can have a conversation with people and be able to be taken seriously now haha before everyone talked to me like i was an idiot haha
This week we ate something called Raclet at our DMBs house,  it was great.  it is just simple cooked potatoes with melted raclet cheese on top and some cold cuts.  it was really good.  my comp also taught me how to make crepes and this dish called “croc-monsieur”  It is really simple again but SUPER good haha.  it is just bread with butter on it,  then a piece of ham and then cheese on top.  then you put it is the oven until the bread is nice and crunchy.
So ya thats about it.  for thanksgiving we are going to Rennes and doing a big feast with the whole zone and then we just need to be back in our areas by 6 so it will be alot of fun.  just get to eat and play games with all the other missionaries.
I love you all.
Avec amour,
Elder Dayley
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