november 4

Chere Famille,

I am doing great today.  My headaches are good.  I think that it is all because of my kneck but it is getting progressivly better.  i hardly have them anymore.
But laurent is doing ok,  haha we are going to see him tomorrow and so we called him yesterday to see how he was doing.  And he sounded just very drunk and when i asked him how he was doing he said” its really hard”  so i think that he needs to really find something to grab onto to pull him out of this.  so we are trying to find out what that is.  
The activity at the church went really really well.  It was funny because there was only one member who brought a non member and it was his grand daughter.  But Adele brought 2 of her friends and they had alot of fun.  They also made really good friends with a member of our ward who comes from the same place as the guy.  And that member invited them over for dinner.  so i am excited to see what fruits are reaped from that evening.
It was really funny because elder Payet and i sang a few songs with Ludo and we Danced with Adele.  I have videos so i think that i we need to do a memory card switch soon so that you can see ALL of the pictures and videos and such.  But the members loved watching elder payet and i try and dance with her.  especially because the african dance involves alot of booty shakin.  so it was just overall pretty embarrassing.  but none the less, Worth it.
Yesterday was a cool day because it was raining a ton and was a really bad storm so elder payet and i just stayed in and called people from the Area Book.  Elder Payet has tried to call all of them before but didnt have much success.  But we tried again last night with a renewed faith and we were able to set up like 4 of 5 RDV with people for this week and next.  we also got 2 referals from the members this week,  we have one RDV with one of them and we still have not been able to contact the other one.  So alot of work has taken place this week.  
We also recieved some revelation during our transfer planning for how we are going to work better with the members this transfer.  We are going to set a goal with every member individually to chose a person prayerfully that they can share the gosple this week.  and then we will set a date (Deadline basically) of when they are going to talk to them.  then we will follow up every week with every member and give them any help that they need and just follow up.  So pray that the members will take this seriously,  the reason for doing this is because i noticed that most all of the converts from this area were found through the members.  so that is why we are going to work so hard witht this transfer.  
But i have a little advice to give anyone who might be struggling with their testamony right now.  1.  Always remember to question your doughts before you question your faith-elder Uchtdorf.  2. Start with your faith in jesus christ. 3.  STUDY AND PRAY.  haha that is all for that subject. 
But i love you.  i can feel your prayers and i hope that you can feel mine.  
Avec Amour.
Elder Dayley
p.s. Yesterday i did my first ever TRANSLATION for a member who cant speak french haha it was sweet
These pictures are Adele melissa and ludo

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