november 18

Chere toute le monde,
This week was great.  Not much happened this week so i dont think that this email will be very long but it was still none the less GREAT.  The weeks seem to just be flying by faster and faster.  it is crazy that this transfer is almost halfway over already.  i think that it is going by faster for my because we now have people to teach so we dont just spend all day every day finding anymore. 
This week one little miracle happened,  so i think that i mentioned Jean  last week but he is an investigatior of ours who is trying to quit smoking.  he is progressing well and reading the scriptures but thats not even the end of his progression.  just yesterday he told us that he felt something that seems to speek to  him when we come so i bore my testamony of the spirit to him and the spirit was very strong.  .  and even there is not the end.  aparently he calls his friends and invites them over to hear the “Mormons” speek haha he brought a friend over two lessons over who we think might be a Ami soon.
Now for laurent.  we called him the other night and he sounded just completly drunk and he told us that he just wanted to do all this stuff on his own and that he dosnt need our help.  so that is a draw back but he was drunk and so we have a RDV with his tonight and we are going to try and see whats wrong.
Melissa is still progressing for her baptism.  She came to Church this week and said ” its soooooooooo long” haha which is understandable for a 12 year old so i think that elder payet and i are going to bring some candy or something for her next week.  Pray hard for her because she has 3 weeks now to quit smoking and she is having a hard time.  so she needs prayers.  as well for laurent and Jean.
Adele says that she will change as soon as ludo changes.  ludo is a recent convert who slill smokes every day since his baptism so that is a big reason why adele dosnt believe us when we tell that baptism will help her because she dosnt think that it has helped ludo.  so once again.  pray pray pray haha./
This week was cold though.  it is probably not as cold as it is in Utah but i love it because it is starting to feel like Christmas.  and also they are Hanging up some of the coolest Christmas lights here so it will be AMAZING once december roles around. 
They food here has been great.  we had crepes over at our DMB s house and they were amazing,.  But ya thats aboyut it haha.  i love you all.  sooooooo much.
Avec amour,
Elder Dayley
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