november 11

Chere famille,
Well this week was GREAT.  the work has really started moving in vannes this week.  It all started last sunday when it was raining and we decidec to just stay in and do area book work.  We called around in the area book which usually is unsuccessful but we set up like 4 RDV with people that we found in there.
So one of the miracles that we saw this week was that we had a RDV with this man named David and when we showed up he was not there.  but we still felt like there was somthing that we needed to do there.  his apartment was right next to the Lemoines house (adeles)  so we called them and said her can we come over.  and ludo said “no we are not doing well.”  then he thought for a second and said ” actually ya come over” so we went over and aparently adele had spent the whole day in bed doing nothing becauise she was depressed. so we taught her and her daughter melissa a really powerful lesson about the atonement and baptism and we challenged adele to get baptised again and once again she said no.  BUT her daughter that was just there jumped in and said that she wanted to. !!!! WOOOO!!! she she is getting baptised on the 7 of December.  and it was all just because we followed the weather and stayed inside haha. 
But other than that we have been busy this week,  we had a really good week and laurent has stopped drinking and is trying with the smoking to stop. so keep praying for him. 
I am happy to hear about the success of the fast.  that is cool that you had and activity at the end and that everyone sharred their expierences.  i think that it was such a blessing that the lord blessed devin with that moment of clarity with his vision.  almost as if he was showing him whats in store for the future. 
But ya i dont have much time today so this is about all that i can write. haha but  I love you all. and i am soooooooooo excited to see you all at christmas.
Elder DAyley
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