October 21

Chere Famille,

Well this week was CRAZY.  and it did not involve a whole lot of missionary work.  So that was dumb.  But the work that we did do was decent haha.  So i went to paris on tuesday do finalize my french legality.  and so we woke up at about 430 so that we could get there by 930.  But the day was great.  we had some training form the APs and i love our APs so it was great.  and while we were in transit and at the Prefecture i was able to give out a BOM and also had two really great discussions with other people so it was a fun day.  then our train got delayed about two hours on the way home so we didnt get in until Midnight haha.  so needless  to say it was a LONG day haha.  but it was a lot of fun because i got to see all of my MTC  buddies again and see how they are doing in their villes and such.

Then on wednesday we taught Adel again and we watched Elder Hollands talk with her because she struggles with depression and sucide.  and so after the talk i shared how much the gosple can help with that and i shared the story of devin and how he was able to overcome it and i started crying like a little baby haha.  but she was shocked that it was possible.  And she asked alot of questions.  then we told her about how much taking the sacrament each week could help her feel like she has a new start if she has a bad week.  but she is still against getting baptised.  but after our lesson elder payet i still feel like it is possible for her to get baptised THIS SATURDAY AHHH.  and so PLEASE add your prayers to ours and pray that the spirit will change her heart because it will certainly take a miracle.  but with god it is certaibly possible.  

So then Thursday we just did some finding,  with little success.  but then friday i finally convinced elder payet of go to the doctor because he has had abdominal pain for two weeks.  so we did and it turns out he has apendicitis,  Which is EXACTLY what i told him he had haha.  but so we were told to go right to the hospital.  We called Sis. Poznanski and told her about it and she told us to go up to Lorient so that i could have a place to stay for the night.  so we did and elder payet stayed in the hospital overnight.  it was wierd.  but then the next day he called us in the morning and said ” you can come get me”  and so we did and they had told him to wait five more days to have the surgery……. WHAT! i feel like his apendix will burst by then.  so ya that was friday and saturday for us.  and then on sunday we had Stake conference up in Rennes which took all day again and now we are to today haha.  so ya alot happened this week.  But i had alot of time to read and such and i feel like i have grown alot closer to the savior this week and i am fueled up and ready for this week.  

But i got you pachage!! yay that is Exactly what i wanted haha.  And i cant believe that it costs so much to send here.  But i loved it.  You are , like usual, the best mom in the WHOLE world.  I loved that video of devin.  i can see the progress that he has made.  there is alot more control in his speech so it was cool to see.  And i feel like every single letter i hear something great the Kris does for devin.  i will be eternally greatful for all that she does.  It is great.  and all the other wonderful women who have helped.  But i read something cool from Lorenzo Snow the other day and it said ” as long as there is anothe step forward to be taken,  that step should be taken.” so tell that to devin haha.  But i mailed that letter like a week ago so it did not take too long to get there.  

But Je t’aime Famille.

Avec amour.

Elder Dayley

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