oct 28

Chere Famille,
This week FLEW by.  It has been the fastest week yet.  I recieved a letter from Bishop thacker Explaining to me how the fact that the time goes by slowly is a blessing and a tender mercy because we have more time to figure out what is happening and to learn the language and so i was like  “ya he is right, i am going to take advantage of this.” and what do you know.  The week is over before it even starts. 
But i think that it went by fast because we found TWO NEW INVESTIGATORS this week.  on of them is this black man who just had his family leave him and he does not know where they are.  we found him through one of the sisters Amis.  who as a matter of fact is actually the person that lift him.  But his name in Olivier and we will see him tomorrow night,
Then the other guys name is Laurent.  We found him in the area book.  We called him and he seemed very very happy to hear from us.  but we say him on saturday night and when we opened the door his face just lit up to see us.  And then i got punched in the face by the wall of cigarret smoke that hit me.  haha then we went in and just saw Beer Bottles ALL of over the room.  So as we talked to him we both felt inspired to talk about the word of wisdom.  haha he has had all of the lessons before but has never been worthy to be baptised.  but right when we told him about Coffie,  someone knocked on his door to deliever his coffee.  so that was door interuption Number 1.  Then number 2 came when we were talking about how he wants to stop smoking and drinking because he knows that it is not good.  and there was a knock.. the next thing that we hear is the KID at the door say something “i have your Marajana and you Exctasy”  AHHHH WHAT THE!!! he had the drugs coming just right to his door.  SO of course with all this evidence you can just say ” WOW. this is going to be hard.”  but never the less,  we are all called to places where we are needed to help people with our own special talents and expierences. but ya we have a great recovery plan set up for him and we are going to tell him about it tonight so i am excited for that.
This saturday we are having a ward party that the we planned with the Ward mission leader.  so i am really excited for that.  it will give the members a good opportunity to bring friends to the church in a non threating way.  But we got Adele to come and teach us how to do some african danceing. so i am excited for that.  i think that this will help her feel more at home when she comes to church and will help to open her up a little to the church.  so i am exctited.
But another fun thing that happened this week was last night.  It was POURING rain and we did not know what to do.  so we went contacting haha.  but then we realized that it was more like just going for a walk in the rain.  so then when i was nice and soaked i just fell back into my childhood self and since there was nobody around i just started running around and jumpind in the puddles haha and Elder Payet was just laughing at me.  but hey,  You have to have fun in those situations.
But ya that is about it.  Elder payet did not get transfered.  so we have 6 more weeks together.  but it was a great week. 
Love you all,
Elder Dayley
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