October 7th!

Chere Famille,
YAY I got so many Emails this week haha.  I don’t think that I will have time to write back to all of them so sorry to anyones who I don’t get to this week. I will try and do it next week.  But the question that I will answer first is the one that was included in EVERY single letter.  haha wait for it………………………………………………………………………………………………..CONFERENCE (yaaaaaaaaa woooooo) haha we watched the Saturday morning session just my companion and I at the church live.  me one one of the computers and him on the other.  them we had to walk like and hour home because we did not have the car haha.  then sunday we watched the priesthood session at the church with everyone then the Saturday afternoon session with just us again and then the sunday morning session at our DMBs house in French.  haha I really got the chance to just listen to what the spirit was telling me on that one because I could only understand about half of what was being said.  But I LOVED it.  I felt like all of the talks were about member missionary work haha but that is probably just because I am a missionary.  But ya it was just a spiritual feast for me.  I loved it.  if really got my spirits boosted for the road ahead.  I received a lot of revelation concerning the work and also for our investigatiors.  so it was great. 
Um what else happened this week.  Adel said yes to the soft baptismal invite but did not give us an answer for the date of October 26 to be baptized on.  and also we found out that her testimony of the church is not as strong as her testimony of baptism haha because she said that she wants to be baptized but she still wants to go to catholic church because her whole family is catholic.  so we need to help her more with that. 
Un my knees still hurt haha and now my Hips are starting to hurt haha I feel like an old man.  I am one day going to have to get fake legs if I keep this up haha but no keep praying that they wont hurt.  haha
I am doing a lot better this week.  I found out about this guy in our mission who went home about a year and a half ago who saw about 40 baptisms while he was out.  and he was the hardest worker ever.  haha he took 4 P-days off to work haha which is completely against the rules but it really caused me to think about what I am willing to sacrifice for the lords work.  so that humbled me. and he actually went home two transfers early becauise he had just destroyed his anckles from all the walking that he did. 
So ya not much elso happened this week.  we had zone conference on Thursday which was amazing and we received the challengd that every companionship needs to baptize one famile before Christmas.  so pray for us to be able to do that and to be able to find one new family a week that we can teach.  I think that we could use your faith. 
But mommy,  I must say……. elder christofersons talk made me think of you sooooooooo much.  thank you for being the kind of woman that he descrided.  you are truly amazing and I am grateful every single day for the things that you sacrifice for me and for the way that you taught me to do things,  I can honestly say that I can thank you (and Dad haha) for every single good attribute that I have.  so merci merci merci. 
and yes you can tell me when devin has had a bad week.  haha that way I can be more specific in my prayers.  \
je t’aime bien.
Elder Dayley
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