october 14

je vais tres bien merci.  les chose là vont bien aussi donc oui.  mais j’ai presque fini avec mon premier mutation et et aussi mon formation!!!!! yay.
haha i just thought that you might enjoy a little time with Google translate today,  but my week was great,  i feel like the weeks are starting to pass by faster and faster so that is good, and bad haha.   but i still have yet to recieve those little one paragraph summeries of how all of my friends and also i dont have their email addresses.  so i need those becaise i am in the dark. 
I will start out with the wierd story from this week first then i will tell the good one. 
So the other night we were at the port where there is usually some good contacting to do and we walked up to this guy and introduced our selves.  he was looking down at the time of our approach so we couldnt see his face.  but as soon as he heard us he looked up at us with these HUGE WHITE EYES.  it was creepy.  and he said “OH YA OF COURSE, CAN WE TALK A LITTLE BIT?”  and we were a little taken back by it haha (all the while he is talking he had cigarret smoke coming out of his mouth because he didnt ever just blow like normal haha)  but we were nice and said sure.  so he asked us if we had a bible with us.  so we thought ” oh no whats is up to”  and luckly we did not have a bible with us.  so he just went right to the question that he wanted to debate.  “what do you believe about baptisms for the dead”  and so we answered with the real answer haha and he didnt have anything to say back to us so he REALLY creepily said ”  DONT MESS WITH THE DEAD!!! I WILL LEAVE YOU NOW”  and he stood up and stormed off like a phantom of the night haha.  it was really really weird. 
But now for the good one.  the next night we were at the port again doing some contacting and we met this guy named AKIM.  he is not a part of any religion but he is very very spiritual.  and he seems most of the correct docterines from the bible.  but when we walked up to him he thought that we wanted money so he tried to give it to us.  but when he found out our real intentions he was happy to talk to us.  so he did most of the talking as you could expect from someone who has done alot of thinking about god.  but after we just simply bore our testamonys of the things that he had said to us that were true and then added some teachings.  them HE asked us for our phone number before we could and invited us over and said that we could eat and even sleep at his home haha.  so we have been playing phone tag with him since then but i have a good feeling about it. 
As for my body.  i am killing it with chocolate haha.. i think that i am going to get Diabetis just because of all the sugar that i eat haha but it is all sooooooo good.  My knees are for the most part better.  i got a blessing and that helped and i think that dad might have been right.  but they are still sore from time to time but i dont think that it is anything to worry about.  
I am amazed at kris Bishoff sometimes.  and all the other people that have been helping us out but sometimes i feel like kris is just another member of the family and is just there always to help.  she is the friend that i have been praying for haha.  i am very thankfull for people like her and Heidi, and shauna, and all the others that have lent a helping hand. 
but i am very jealous of dad.  i completly understand.  i would leave the game for an eagles concert any day.  haha i think that he has needed that for a while.  when are him and devin going on their trip? and i am really REALLY imbarrassed to ask but what day in november is your birthday mom?  i cant remember haha but dont worry because i still love you. 
Well i love you all soooooooooo much. 
Avec amour,
Elder Dayley
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